Bringing Back My Skin’s Youthful Glow with a Customized Peel at CosmetiCare

“Bringing Back My Skin’s Youthful Glow with a Customized Peel at CosmetiCare” – A sponsored post written by me (a CosmetiCare Ambassador) on behalf of CosmetiCare.

During the spring and summer months, when my son is playing baseball and my husband is on the field coaching the high school and little league teams, I’m typically in the stands cheering them on. Unfortunately I have most of the time I forget to grab a hat or even umbrella to shield my skin. While I wear sunblock under my make-up, it is obviously not enough, because the damage is done and is noticeable. Over the last few years, my freckles have increased and have become more intense, and the fine lines, wrinkles and age spots have made an appearance next to my eyes. To improve the tone, texture and clarity of my skin, Angel, a Master Aesthetician at CosmetiCare, performed a Customized VI Peel.

CosmetiCare offers a variety skin care treatments for numerous concerned areas. Whether it is to eliminate wrinkles, tighten and rejuvenate skin, reduce fat or even add volume to concerned areas, the Medical Spa has the perfect blend of cosmetic enhancement solutions. I was excited to explore this option because I feel my skin is really looking ragged. I’ve previously shared the different peels offered for different types of skin conditions here: 5 Types of Peels offered at CosmetiCare”.

As you can see in the images below, my freckles stand out quite noticeably. As a kid, I remember wishing for beautiful pure skin without freckles. As I got older, I would wear thick layers of foundation to disguise the darker pigments of my skin. The two photos on the right are without any foundation. This is something I was eager to change.

Actual skin town before peel with cosmeticare; 5 types of peels at CosmetiCare

After speaking with Angel, an aesthetician at CosmetiCare, she decided to achieve my desired results, she was going to go with a Custom Vitality Peel. The custom peel removes the dead skin cells located on the outer layer of the dermis. This is vital to maintaining healthy, beautiful age resistant skin.

Custom Vitality Peel at CosmetiCare in Newport Beach

Angel started off cleansing my skin to eliminate makeup, lotions and oils on my skin, staying away from the sensitive eye areas. Then she began applying layers of glycolic acid, lactic acid and TCA. While she was applying each layer, I began to feel a little bit of tingling around my cheeks. To help with the discomfort, she had me hold a fan directed at my face, which kept it cool. After about 30 minutes, she was finished applying the chemicals. My face felt clean and fresh, however I had a distinct color – a tan-orange glow.

CosmetiCare Plastic Surgery and MedSpa

As Angel instructed, I was to keep my skin moist. I went home with a care package that included two types of wipes that I was to apply at specific time frames after the peel, along with a hydrating lotion and a sunblock. The wipes were to be applied morning and night following the treatment to eliminate oil build up on the skin’s surface to help with the peeling process.

The morning after, my skin was still glowing. I was able to sub in a classroom with 3rd graders, and they didn’t seem to notice my beautiful orange glow. I did, however keep my skin shielded from the sun as much as possible and made sure that I re-applied the lotions and sunblock a couple of times throughout the day. Within 24 hours, I noticed my skin starting to tighten, specifically the areas around my mouth. I saw white areas starting to develop, which I realized was my skin beginning to lift and peel.

BalancingTheChaos Customized Vitality Peel with CosmetiCare

The peeling process took about 5 days total before it was complete. The areas around my mouth actually peeled twice as a result of the chemicals and dryness. When I ran out of my lotion, Angel recommended Aquaphor, a healing ointment, as a great option to keep my skin hydrated.

Chemical Peel Process with Customized Peel at CosmetiCare

As you can see above, my skin peeled off in large sheets. I was reminded not to peel off the excess skin, rather cut it off with a small pair of scissors. The skin underneath was smooth, firm and supple. Angel also reminded me that it takes approximately a week after the entire peel process for your skin to settle. During this time, it is important to keep the skin hydrated and shielded from the sun.

Results of chemical peel with CosmetiCareThe results, my skin does look lighter and brighter. Of course I do still have freckles, but they are a little lighter. I have noticed a difference in my fine lines and my skin looks younger and more firm. To continue to improve the tone and texture of my skin, I will continue to hydrate and apply a lot of sunblock while covering up and keeping my face out of the sun.

Thinking about getting a peel to help with our skin issues? Your Aesthetician will select the right chemical peel for your skin tone and desired results. If you have been contemplating “taking care of you” and looking into treatments such as a Rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, body contouring or non surgical treatments from the MedSpa staff, be sure to schedule a FREE consultation with the staff at CosmetiCare. Don’t forget to mention my personal discount code: JEN100 and receive 10% off a Rhinoplasty procedure or a Customized Peel. Just share the code when you book an appointment online or via phone at 949-438-5578.

Looking to tackle a few cosmetic issues you may have? The team at CosmetiCare is quite amazing and can give you great ideas on how to look your best, keep your skin young and rejuvenated as well as skin care options and more. Follow along with other CosmetiCare Ambassadors as they share their stories.

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