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“Tips on Preparing for Rhinoplasty Surgery Recovery at Home ” – A sponsored post written by me (a CosmetiCare Ambassador) on behalf of CosmetiCare.

When you’re getting ready to undergo surgery, it’s important to think ahead about your recovery at home. While anticipating my Rhinoplasty with CosmetiCare, I wanted to make my recovery at home as easy as possible on myself as well as my family. After going over the pre-op instructions with Dr. Niccole and his nurse, I had a better idea of items I needed to get, prescriptions I needed to fulfill, as well as things I wanted to have on hand and within arms reach.

Recovery Planning for Rhinoplasty with CosmetiCare


  • The nurse discussed the three medications that I was going to need to run to my local pharmacy and pick up before the surgery. My antibiotic was one that I would need to begin taking the day before the surgery, while the pain medication and anti-nausea medication I would need the morning of surgery. She wanted to be sure that by filling these prescriptions in advance, if the pharmacy was temporarily out of stock, I would have time for them to re-order and fill the script.
  • Also, another nurse at CosmetiCare shared an herbal supplement that works wonders with swelling and bruising. She suggested picking up Arnica tablets and gel. The tablets I could begin taking right away so that it was in my system before surgery and the arnica gel was to be applied to the bruised areas under my eyes to reduce the swelling and bruising.
  • Tylenol was also recommended to take in conjunction with the pain medication.

Bed/Recovery Area:

  • It is recommended to sit in a propped up position, however it was more comfortable to lean back against a bunch of pillows. Since I have a bed that adjusts and reclines, it was easier for me to move my mattress where my head was propped up. A bunch of pillows also works well. About 3 pillows under the head, and a few pillows on each side makes a great reclining position in bed. It also helps when sleeping at night to keep your head propped and your body from moving into a side sleeping position that is not recommended during recovery.

Bandage & Sundries Supplies:

  • I decided to pick up a little extra gauze. I wasn’t sure how much I would need, but wanted to have extra on hand. After surgery, the nurse gave me extra gauze and tape to replace the bandages under my nose.
  • Kleenex is also great to have on hand for excess blood, watery eyes, etc.
  • A small trash can should be placed bedside for convenient cleanup.
  • I used Q-tips to apply Neosporin to the sutured area around my nose where Dr. Niccole recommended after gently using cotton balls lightly dipped in Hydrogen Peroxide to cleans around the stitches.

Additional items:

  • Bed Tray or TV Tray
  • Lip balm: since you’re breathing out of your nose when recovering from this procedure, your lips get dry and chapped quickly. It’s smart to have lip balm on hand.
  • Bag of peas & Ziplock Snack Bags: Prepare a few baggies of frozen peas in snack bags to use as ice packs to reduce eye swelling.
  • Books or magazines for reading
  • iPads, tablets or laptops and charges within reach.

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