Healthy Convenient Meals By Sous Kitchen & #Giveaway | @souskitchen #WilleyMobileAdventures

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While preparing for our 2014 road trip, I had decided to make larger portions of food so that I could intentionally freeze leftovers.  By the time we packed up the Willey Mobile for our 2 week trip, we had several meals already set, but I was looking for other options for quick, convenient and tasty meals the family would love.  Thanks to our friends at Sous Kitchen, we had the final pre-packaged meals ready to go.

Sous Kitchen Huli Huli Pork

Sous Kitchen is a great meal delivery service for those who love delicious, healthy meals but lack the time to plan, shop and prepare in advance.  Imagine receiving pre-packages meals, prepped and ready to cook on your doorstep.

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Touring Salt Lake City and Temple Square | #WilleyMobileAdventures #RoadTrip2014

The next stop on our 2 week road trip took us to Salt Lake City.  We really didn’t know what we wanted to see in Salt Lake, but as everyone says, see the Great Salt Lake.

Salt Lake City KOA

While we headed into town, we decided to check into our campground.  Have I told you we love staying at KOA? The Salt Lake City KOA was beautiful and had all the amenities we were looking for on our one night stop.

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Traveling Game Time with Funny Bones Games|@funnybonetoys

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While traveling, we had lots of opportunities for game time. And rather than spending so much time with technology (i.e. iPads, iPods, movies, etc) we played a few Funny Bones Games.

Funny Bones Games


Funny Bones is part skill, part tradition and totally fun! And, with 30 game challenges, the excitement never ends. 

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Picturesque Bryce Canyon | #WilleyMobileAdventures #RoadTrip2014

On our crazy 2 week road trip, from The Grand Canyon, we headed North through Arizona, into Utah to Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon Kids

Bryce Canyon quickly became one of my favorite stops along our road trip. The beautiful reddish tones of the stone mixed with the green trees was so unbelievably beautiful.

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Selfie at The Grand Canyon | #WilleyMobileAdventures #RoadTrip2014

With the kids being 5 and 6, one of the stops we’re hoping they will remember, even if only through pictures is the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

The Willeys at The Grand Canyon

Honestly, I don’t like the picture of us, only because we look ragged from road tripping all day long, but its the only picture I have of us visiting this beautiful spot.

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Over The Hoover Dam | #WilleyMobileAdventures #RoadTrip2014

We left Vegas after having one last breakfast with my mom and step dad and headed out on the road.  First stop was the Hoover Dam, one of the largest of its time.

The Hoover Dam

Driving down the 93, we followed the signs (and GPS) to The Hoover Dam.  Our goal – to drive across the dam. 

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Family Time in Las Vegas, NV |@DTContainerPark @babystacks_cafe #WilleyMobileAdventures #RoadTrip2014

For our two week road trip, the first stop was Las Vegas.  My mom and step-dad moved there over a year ago, so we try to visit as often as we can.  Besides, the kids just love hanging at their place, I mean who wouldn’t with a pool and a putting green?

Grandparents Las Vegas

They live about 25 minutes from the strip and have many fun places to share with us when we get into town. For instance, The Container Park.

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Traveling Activities Inspired by Rio2 | @FHEIsiders #Rio2Insiders #Rio2SummerTour

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If you’re following along, you know we planned and have been on a HUGE RV summer road trip this year. With the release of Rio2 on Blu-Ray/DVD on July 15th, we decided to include Blue, Jewel and their family inspired fun activities to keep our youngsters entertained while traveling.

Rio2 DHD iPad

If you’ve gone road trippin’ with your family for any length of destination, you already know how antsy the kiddos can get either cooped up in a car or even traveling in an RV.

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Tips on Keeping The Kids Entertained, Family Road Trip 2014 | #WilleyMobileAdventures

When the school year ends, and The Hubster finishes his softball season; we start planning our summer break. This year, we were invited by some friends to come up and visit them in Washington and we decided that this was the year for a family road trip.

Rather than flying, we decided to make some stops along the way to share some of the US with the kids. Besides, there were many sights we either hadn’t seen since we were kids, or had never seen.  After doing a little research and figuring that each night hotels would cost us on average $200, my husband came up with the idea to look into an RV.

The Willey Mobile

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Camping Game Night With Wonder Forge: Planes Sky Race & Frozen Matching

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With our latest new adventure: our 1st Camping Trip; I decided to commemorate the event with family game time.  Our friends at Wonder Forge surprised us with two new Disney games: Planes Sky Race and Frozen Matching.

Wonderforge Games

The creaters at Wonder Forge put together another couple of awesome family fun games.  We started with Disney’s Planes Sky Race.

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Let The Camping Memories Begin

For Spring Break, we decided to head on down to San Diego and try camping – RV Style.

1st Time Camping

Now if you know me, I’m really not a camper.  I recall being a kid and going with the YMCA once.  Um, not a fun time because I was so freaked out a scorpion would join me in my sleeping bag in the middle of the night.  Even  the ants were a little much for me.  Yah, I was a total wimp.

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