Strawberry Shortcake, Snowberry Days

Win it: Strawberry Shortcake- Snowberry Days DVD | @FHEInsiders #SnowberryDays

Strawberry Shortcake and her friends are celebrating this Winter with all new episodes. Strawberry Shortcake Snowberry Days will be available on DVD as of February 10, 2015, and we’re giving one away!

Strawberry Shortcake, Snowberry Days

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Strawberry Shortcake Fun Under The Sun DVD, Printable & Giveaway | @FHEInsiders

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Strawberry Shortcake’s new adventure is now available on DVD: Strawberry Shortcake Fun Under The Sun.


Ready for summer, Strawberry and her friends are planning a tropical vacation.  Fun Under The Sun consists of three separate 33 minute episodes full of fun and friendship.

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Strawberry Shortcake Berry Big Help DVD, Printable and Giveaway | @FHEInsiders #BerryBigHelp

One of my favorite cartoons as a kid, Strawberry Shortcake, is back with an all new DVD. “Berry Big Help” Will be available at local retail stores on Tuesday, February 18th.

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Big Help

It’s always a plus when I can find a cartoon, or a movie, that has wonderful teaching elements in the storyline. With this new DVD release, Strawberry Shortcake and her friends teach the value of helping out as best as they can.

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Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Bitty Mysteries Giveaway | @FHEInsiders

Attention Strawberry Shortcake Fans!!!  Our favorite cartoon character can now travel with us on DVD with the release of Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Mysteries available September 24th!

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Mysteries

When I was a kid, I LOVED everything Strawberry Shortcake!  I had the bedding, curtains, dolls and even halloween costume with the plastic face (yeah, remember those?)  

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Life Lessons in Animation with Strawberry Shortcake (Free Coloring Pages) @20thcenturyfox @FoxHomeEnt @HubTVNetwork

I think I’ve mentioned before, Strawberry Shortcake was a favorite of mine as a kid.  And now, she is a favorite of my 3yo daughter AND 5yo son.  We have been watching regularly as it has been airing on The Hub TV network, and has become a family favorite.  (see previous post here) Life with …

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Don’t Miss Strawberry Shortcake’s New Season! #StrawberryShortcake @HubTVNetwork @TheHubTVPR

I know I’ve said this before, but growing up, I was a HUGE fan of Strawberry Shortcake.  I just heard that Strawberry Shortcake and her berry best friends return for an all-new season of “Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures” on The Hub TV Network this weekend.  The CG animated series premieres Saturday, February 23, with …

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