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If you are anything like me, on a day to day basis, I’m going a mile a minute. I’m trying to balance our daily chaos from school, sports activities, social lives and now throwing work into that mix that I haven’t had a chance to “stop and smell the roses”. Typically when I get the opportunity to slow down, I wind up with a cold. However I’ve decided to make a change. Now that I have a little money coming in, it’s time to think about my health, well being and sanity. Therefore, I need to calendar in some “me time” just because and hit up Massage Envy.

Because Moment Massage Envy

I have friends that make a trip to Massage Envy as part of their monthly routine. They make a point in taking time out for themselves each month to while keeping their body in balance. For instance, one of my girlfriends is a waitress – carrying those heavy trays loaded with drinks and meals can take a toll out on the body. For me, since I’ve started working, walking around the classroom and the playground all day as a teacher or a substitute, my back has been so achy.

In talking to my friends about Massage Envy, their focus is on wellness. They are dedicated to helping their members achieve total body care and wellness by manage day to day aches, pains and stresses. A monthly check-in and tune up will help achieve the balance you need to continue going full speed ahead with the daily rigors.

Need some “me time”? You know you do! Join me in taking time out just because you need that little break and get yourself back on track. You AND your family will be much happier when you do!

To find the nearest Massage Envy, visit them at their Website, Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. I have to try to make some time for myself and go for a massage. I have never had a massage. I have heard lots of good reviews about Massage Envy.


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