FREE PRINTABLES: 2021-2022 Last Day of School Signs

It seems as though the school year just began, and now we’re ready to head out for summer. Here is your last day of school signs from pre-school through 12th grade. Hope you have an amazing summer and we’ll see you in August! Now off to planning vacations, camps, and much more.

Here are my last day of school FREE PRINTABLES for the 2021 – 2022 school year:

Last Day of School Printables 2022

All you need to do to access your FREE Printable 2022 last day of school signs, is click on the correct image or grade level, and it will take you to a printable file. Have a fantastic summer!

Check out my elementary school grade level back to school signs:

Last day of school preschool
PRE-K last day of school 2022
TK Transitional Kindergarten last day of school 2022
Last day of school 2022 kindergarten
last day of 1st grade 2022
last day of 2nd grade 2022
last day of 3rd grade 2022
last day of 4th grade
2022 last day of school free printables
last day of 5th grade printable
last day of 6th grade

Check out my middle school grade level signs:

Last day of 7th grade 2022
last day of 8th grade

As I am sitting here putting these printables together, I cannot believe that my kiddos, specifically my son, is now graduating from 8th grade and moving on to high school. Time has moved so fast, and before we know it, the school days will be over.

Hope you’re enjoying these printables. I would love to hear from you – where are you from? Please share state/city below so I know how far these printables spread. Happy Summer!!!

Check out my high school grade level back to school ones:

last day of 9th grade 2022
Last day of 10th grade
Last day of school free printable
last day of 12th grade

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