A My Little Pony Birthday

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My Princess, loving everything to do with “My Little Pony”, HAD to have everything Pony Purple!!! Previously, I posted about the amazing “My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic: Royal Wedding” and about the fabulous time we had.  Let me tell you, it ended up being a special part of her month long birthday celebration.

Our friends from The Hub TV Network sent over a few of the graphics that helped me create some seriously adorable Pony Centerpieces:

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and a fun invitation:

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And for decorations, I decided to disguise our patio cover with this amazing Pinterest idea:

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I know many people get these super duper fancy (expensive) cakes from fabulous bakeries all over Southern Cal.  However, being on a budget, really do enjoy a great Costco cake…I just spruced it up myself.  I had heard about edible cake topper frosting sheets and went on a search to find a pony one.  Etsy is one place you can find some really cute creations.  Then I just added a color with some cake decorating supplies.

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Another favorite is home made cake pops – time consuming but delish and super cute!

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Since it was a toddler party, the kids went nuts over the candy piñata – I’m SURE the parents loved me for that one!

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 Check out these adorable My Little Pony Party plates and cups.

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The parking lot full of “toddler vehicles” and a bounce house kept the 25+ munchkins busy while the “big kids” socialized.

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I think she really enjoyed herself and her “My Little Pony” party.

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My two loves

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29 thoughts on “A My Little Pony Birthday

  1. WOW!!! you totally outdid yourself lady! GOOD job! I love all the cake pops! Wish i could have been there. Happy birthday to your baby! love ya!

  2. What fun! I particularly like the parking lot!!! (but then again I’m a mom of boys!).

    Wish I could plan a My Little Pony Party!!!

  3. So cute! I’m so glad My Little Pony is making a comeback!

  4. That looks like a great party…. Especially the My little Pony details. Wish I could have come.

  5. I love the pom poms! And the Costco cake tip. Great idea!!

  6. Tania luviano

    Love the little tiikes parking lot!

  7. Impressive party! I’m sure she had a great time.

  8. That is impressive! I need to plan 2 birthday parties ASAP! Love your photos and ideas. I’m going to Pinterest too for inspiration : )

  9. My house is full of My Little Pony fans! My girls would love this party. Great job.

  10. I love it! That parking lot is hilarious. 🙂

  11. Im very glad to find this, you really had a awesome party, and I want to ask you if you can share how did you make the centerpieces, I would love to make ones for my little girl.

  12. Where can I find a good Bounce House rental?

  13. Hi Jody, unfortunately, I have not yet rented one. I would check with your local party supply place. They’ll probably know of several great locations.

  14. Estrella

    So much god taste!
    Could you please send us a editable version of the little pony birthday invitation?
    Many thanks

    • Estrella, email me at jenn(at)toddlertrails(dot)com and I’ll see if I can get it to you.

  15. Jan

    Hi I also wanted to make my daughter a my little pony party (rainbow dash),the thing is she is going to be six and she wants me to invite her whole class even boys. I don’t mind but I don’t know if the boys parents would look at the invite and think it’s funny. I see boys at your party but then again I don’t know if they are family. What’s your opinion on this? Should I or should I not invite boys ? Or should I change the theme even though she has her heart set on it. Please help.

    • Toni

      Also have a my little pony fan who wants to invite ALL her friends (including the boys). How do I make this party dude friendly without taking my little girls wish away. She really like My Little Pony.


  16. Denise

    How did you do the centerpieces?

  17. Merriam

    Hi! I love your diy centerpieces! I’ve been trying to find some centerpieces for a princess party and I came across yours. Could you email me on how you made the tower part of the centerpiece?

  18. Heather

    I would like to know if you could email an editable version of your invitation. Thank you,
    Heather(my email is [email protected])

  19. Michelle

    Hi! =)
    Pretty much the same thing, would like to know if you could email me an editable version of that invitation of the invitation…
    It is so pretty! =)
    Thank you!
    (my email is [email protected])

  20. Kayla

    Hi there,

    I would love it if you could send me an editable version of your inviation!

    Thanks so much!

    Kayla ([email protected])

  21. Ashley Slaugh

    Hi I’m wondering if you can email me a way to edit that invitation it is amazing. Thanks in advance [email protected]

    • Hi Ryleigh, I’ve sent you an email – make sure you check it.

  22. Cindy

    I would love to have the invitation if you could email it to me so I can edit it!


  23. joy

    I would love it if you could send me an editable version of your inviation!

    Thanks so much!

    joy ([email protected])

  24. allyson becker

    What a great birthday party! I used to love My Little Pony when I was a kid!

    • Me too Allyson! I’m so glad My Little Pony is still around for our little ones!

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