Fun Birthday Party Ideas For All Ages

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Children’s birthdays come around every year and with a bit of planning, you can make them very special. First, really think about the interests of your child. Their age is a factor as well – you don’t want to go to all the trouble only to be disappointed. From here, the sky’s the limit. Here is a brief list of my favorite party ideas – for all ages!

Ages 2-6

Puppet Show Party
Create your own sock puppets or finger puppets made with pom poms and craft sticks. The directions are simple, but the child gets to decorate with stick-on eyes and yarn hair. It can also be very entertaining to put on shows after creating them. For added enjoyment, you might bring in a person that performs, such as a clown or an adult that can give a puppet show for the group. Decorating cupcakes is also a great activity at this age. Using the theme show them how to make faces on the treats brings it all together J

Prince and Princess
Create crowns and have the kid decorate them with fake add on jewels found in any craft store. Add their names in glitter and have a short princess cartoon to watch. Have the decorations done with streamers in matching colors and party favors with a royal theme. Edible sand containers made with sand candy are fun to make. It comes in a rainbow of colors and is very entertaining. Playing musical chairs with prizes can also be fun at this age.

Ages 6-10

The Olympic Games
Create a games area of your own in the backyard. Things like hoola hoops and soccer ball toss or relay races can get the party started. Get creative in your list of games, but remember to have prizes everyone, not just for the winners. Kids love gift bags at parties especially at this age. Follow the theme when making them. A Pirate Party
Having a treasure hunt is great fun at a party. Have a list of what to find and the first person to find the items wins a prize. Be sure to say no leaving the yard. With this theme, you could easily have a water balloon toss and treasure chests. Some party bag ideas include eye patches and fake jewels in treasure chests. Let the kids decorate their own. Just get some glue sticks and sparkle markers, and they will have a great time.Ages 11-16

Italian Cooking Party
Give each guest a disposable white chef’s hat. Perhaps they could put their names on them. Then, decorate the venue like an Italian restaurant. Placemats can be decorated and bracelets can perhaps be made, or create real erasers that you make and bake. For the meal, each child gets to make an individual pizza. This can be great fun as a party theme for both boys and girls.A Slumber Party
Turn the music up and have dance contests! Both boys and girls can attend as long as there’s supervision. Make stained glass ornaments, and also rent some movies. When it’s just the girls. pull out the spa stuff to do nails and create jewelry such, as the named bracelets girls love to wear.Birthday parties can be a lot of fun, but only if you plan well. Remember to think about your child and what they enjoy doing. Also, plan on coordinating the plates and napkins with each theme. Don’t skimp on decorations either, atmosphere is half the fun! Don’t forget to take photographs either!

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