A Birthday at Adventure City

Over the weekend, my princess turned 3.  To celebrate her birthday, we decided to take her to Adventure City (which I’ve posted before HERE).

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The Birthday Girl

We LOVE amusement parks, all of them.  However, Adventure City is one that is focused around toddlers and their families.  Of all of their rides, there were two that my princess couldn’t ride.  Even my 4 year old enjoyed riding the roller coaster (which he is generally frightened of).  The best part, parents are encouraged to ride with their munchkins.

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 (My son LOVED this ride – rode it 5 times)

Since it is a small park, it is also a fun place to burn off a little energy, spend a few hours and make it home or even back to the car to sneak in a little nap.

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Adventure City also has a nice little arcade where kids can play games for tickets and regular arcade games.  There was an adorable little air hockey game there my kids couldn’t get enough of.

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Disclaimer: We were given admission tickets to Adventure City to review and share with our dedicated readers.  In no way did this alter my opinion of the Adventure City.  My opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.


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