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{ Sponsored } Do your kiddos love sugary drinks and snacks like my littles? Well, today is the day we decided to take the AquaBall Pledge. We vowed to cut the sugar by making smarter snack and beverage choices. One of the easiest ways to start is by eliminating one drink loaded with sugar each day and replacing it with AquaBall with ZERO sugar!

AquaBall Ball Pledge Zero Sugar


  • First, Download & Print the Certificate from AquaBall’s website.
  • Have your child sign (or mark) it.
  • Snap a photo of the signed certificate and email it to [email protected]
  • Complete the form at the AquaBall website HERE to receive AquaBall pledge items.
  • Once the certificate and completed form are submitted, your child will receive their initial AquaBall Pledge wristband, a coupon for a free AquaBall, a star stamp to mark your calendar and a temporary tattoo.

AquaBall Pledge CertificateYour little ones will LOVE receiving their very own packages in the mail!!! I know mine jump for joy when something is on our doorstep with their name on it.

AquaBall Pledge Commitment

Download and print the calendar on the AquaBall website and continue with the pledge. Each day your child makes the “One Healthy Choice” reducing sugar – mark the calendar with your stamp. At the end of the month, either scan or take a photo of the completed calendar and submit to [email protected], and they will send you your next wristband and possibly AquaBall goodies!

Once you’ve completed 3 full months – your child will receive a Gold wristband and AquaBall merchandise. The folks at AquaBall will draw 20 random names beginning on September 1, 2016 and the first of the month after that, ending in December 2016. Those 20 will WIN an AquaBall Party to have with their friends! Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity! Join us in taking the pledge:

Become part of the AquaBall Pledge! When you enter the program you’ll also receive monthly health tips and fun activities to do with your family. Get a jump start teaching your children the value of smarter choices, one snack and drink at a time.

Taking the AquaBallPledge

AquaBall Pledge for Pinterest


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