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Tips to Identifying New and Developing Allergies

It seems like most people are suffering from some sort of allergy. Whether it’s symptoms from a nasal allergy, food allergy or contact allergy, it can be frustrating and at times, debilitating or life threatening. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Amber Burnette, MD of Kaiser Permanente who specializes in allergy, asthma …

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Allergies in the classroom Food allergy

Allergies In The Classroom – What You Need To Know About A Food Allergy

It seems as though in every other classroom, there is a child with a severe food allergy. These allergies have the potential to result in an anaphylactic reaction, a dangerous situation. Because of this, my children’s school has adopted the policy that classroom celebrations occur, WITHOUT treats provided by parents. I admit, I was one of …

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How We’re Coping With Toddler Dust Mite Allergies

About 2 years ago, we noticed that whenever the Princess caught a cold, it takes a turn for the worse.  She holds a cold for about 3 weeks minimum and becomes a restless sleeper with a nagging cough.  At the absolute height of the cold, she wakes up coughing and it continues for over an hour before she finally throws up all over herself, bed, sheets, pillow – everything!

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In consulting with her pediatrician, we started with a few tests.  She had blood work done to see if she had allergies and the results came back negative.  Then she had x-rays to determine if she has a sinus infection – her sinuses were slightly inflamed, but nothing to cause the chronic cough and vomiting. Eventually the pediatrician thought it could be asthma, so we received a prescription for an Albuterol Inhaler.

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Springtime Allergies Make Mom’s Day Challenging

Lately I’ve been suffering from allergies, so bad, that when I put on my make up, my eyes begin to run immediately.  Generally when that happens, I dump all my make up and start shopping for all new product.  But with this time of year, I usually chalk it up to seasonal allergies like pollen and hay fever.  

I don’t know about you, but when I have an allergy attack, I am just drained.  Eyes water, nose runs, itches, eventually if it’s a bad attack, I start coughing and become extremely tired, which just doesn’t work with toddlers!  Therefore I need something fast acting to get mama back to her day.  
My friends at Collective Bias told me about, which has some great tools to help allergy sufferers and moms of children with allergies. (See them here: Browsing Allegra and CVS) One of my favorite features?  Pollen Alerts.  Sign up and you will receive email or text alerts on the pollen levels in your area.  What a great way to prepare for the day.  Knowing in advance that I may have issues with allergies on a given day would make mom’s day so much easier.