Springtime Allergies Make Mom’s Day Challenging

Lately I’ve been suffering from allergies, so bad, that when I put on my make up, my eyes begin to run immediately.  Generally when that happens, I dump all my make up and start shopping for all new product.  But with this time of year, I usually chalk it up to seasonal allergies like pollen and hay fever.  

I don’t know about you, but when I have an allergy attack, I am just drained.  Eyes water, nose runs, itches, eventually if it’s a bad attack, I start coughing and become extremely tired, which just doesn’t work with toddlers!  Therefore I need something fast acting to get mama back to her day.  
My friends at Collective Bias told me about  MyAllerGenius.com, which has some great tools to help allergy sufferers and moms of children with allergies. (See them here: Browsing Allegra and CVS) One of my favorite features?  Pollen Alerts.  Sign up and you will receive email or text alerts on the pollen levels in your area.  What a great way to prepare for the day.  Knowing in advance that I may have issues with allergies on a given day would make mom’s day so much easier.  


While browsing the website, I discovered ways to help reduce allergens at home and be prepared for when and if my kids have are showing signs of allergies.  Sneezing and runny nose could easily be mistaken for the common cold and may actually be a result of allergies.  Better yet, they have coupons – you must be a CVS/Pharmacy Extra Care Member to download the coupon for $4 off of 30 count or larger or you can get $2 off of the children’s and smaller size packages.


I have been suffering from springtime allergies since I was a kid.  I recall waking up with my nose running, daily.  Now that I’m a mom, when I am suffering from an allergy attack, all I want to do is just go to bed.  If I don’t take any medication, they progressively get worse where I become crabby, tired, frustrated and just want hubby to take over the kids for the rest of the day.  Through the years, I’ve tried all kinds of products, some that no longer work on me.  I saw this study on the website, I could really relate.  For me, Benadryl no longer works, and I’ve had better results with Claritin, but it makes me so sleepy.   

I made the decision to try Allegra.  I figured I could drop off the kids at school and swing by CVS Pharmacy since they are practically on every corner – so convenient.
Mama with a mission, I ran in, used the isle guide to quickly find the location of the allergy medicines and found a huge selection.  


I was pleasantly surprised to find Allegra in the aisle, as well as on an end cap. Hooray it was on sale. CVS currently has an exclusive sale for $6 off of Allegra’s 45 count and $9.99 for Allegra’s Children’s tablets or liquid through May 31, 2013. You can check out their promotions at: www.myallergenius.com.

I grabbed a 5 count package since I just wanted to test it out – headed over to the pharmacy to consult a pharmacist. I am on blood pressure medicine, so I wanted to make sure this was a medicine that wouldn’t conflict with my prescriptions. Once the pharmacist gave me the “ok” I headed to the check-out counter and was out the door in seconds flat.

Now that I have my medicine and I’ve taken it, I can quickly get back to my day, without allergy symptoms. Thanks Allegra!

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7 thoughts on “Springtime Allergies Make Mom’s Day Challenging”

  1. Good point about cold symptoms possibly being allergies! I always wondered why so many people seem to get a ‘spring cold’ – I’ll bet it’s actually allergies!

  2. I’m sorry you suffer from allergies! My kids have various allergies, but not usually seasonal. They’re allergic to dust, though. I hope Allegra continues to work for you. You have a great attitude!

  3. I deal with seasonal allergies pretty much year round. I haven’t tried using Allegra; however, I have been taking generic Claritin for a few months and it seems to help a little bit.


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