Springtime Allergies Make Mom’s Day Challenging

Lately I’ve been suffering from allergies, so bad, that when I put on my make up, my eyes begin to run immediately.  Generally when that happens, I dump all my make up and start shopping for all new product.  But with this time of year, I usually chalk it up to seasonal allergies like pollen and hay fever.  

I don’t know about you, but when I have an allergy attack, I am just drained.  Eyes water, nose runs, itches, eventually if it’s a bad attack, I start coughing and become extremely tired, which just doesn’t work with toddlers!  Therefore I need something fast acting to get mama back to her day.  
My friends at Collective Bias told me about  MyAllerGenius.com, which has some great tools to help allergy sufferers and moms of children with allergies. (See them here: Browsing Allegra and CVS) One of my favorite features?  Pollen Alerts.  Sign up and you will receive email or text alerts on the pollen levels in your area.  What a great way to prepare for the day.  Knowing in advance that I may have issues with allergies on a given day would make mom’s day so much easier.