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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SuperHealos.

Have you ever been in the hospital for an unexpected length of time? When I had my son, I ended up with a 3 week stay at the hospital due to pre-eclampsia. Now, think about your little ones. The thought of one overnight stay can be so scary to a youngster, but what about an extended amount of time , not to mention hospital procedures. Now kids can see hospital visits and procedures as an adventure with the SuperHealos Hospital Adventure Kit that is packed with education, art and play. It is designed to introduce children to what they may see on their medical journey in a fun and exciting way.

SuperHealos Hospital Adventure Kit

At SuperHealos, their mission is to help children facing medical treatment feel  like superheroes. With a goal to become the go-to empowerment brand for children and families who need it, they are dedicated to producing the best quality products possible.

The Hospital Adventure Kit helps decrease fear while increasing smiles. It includes a full color adventure storybook, where two children use their magic superhero capes to bring medical equipment to  life, and solve a monkey mystery happening at the hospital. Imagine as children open their Hospital Adventure Kit to find their very own superhero cape. Their courage and confidence will grow as real life super heroes like their parents, doctors, and siblings sign their cape with the fabric markers (included in the kit). There is also a coloring book

Interested in ordering a Hospital Adventure Kit for a special little boy or girl ready to don their very own SuperHealo cape? The kits and individual products can be purchased online through SuperHealo’s website: SUPERHEALO KITS.

SuperHealos Hospital Adventure Kit Shot

New products coming soon:

  • Germ Crusher mobile app: Kids can personalize their own superhero avatar and fight germs using awesome healthcare practices like soap and water bombs.
  • The MRI Kit: The MRI  Kit is designed to prepare children ages 4-6 to be able to lie still during an  MRI on their own, without the use of anesthesia. This is important because  anesthesia can have negative affects on brain development and should be  avoided if possible.
  • The Doctor Adventure Kits: The Doctor Kit is to help alleviate fear of shots!

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