Atlantis Play Center – Splash Pad

Atlantis Play Center and Splash Pad
13630 Atlantis Way,
 Garden Grove, CA 92844
(714) 892-6015

As a kid, I remember this amazing park that had the giant green dragon slide.  When I took my son for the first time, boy the memories flooded back.  I listed the park here, when my little man was about a year and a half.  My little man is 2 weeks away from being 5, WOW, how time flys.


Now, the City of Garden Grove has added a “splash pad” to Atlantis Play Center.


There is a giant bird that dumps water on any unsuspecting victim that’s checking out water spouts that drench from below.  Two green dragon cannons battle and spit water at each other, or anyone standing just a little too close and just on the other side of the mini concrete wall are some adorable water creatures:


such as this colorful crab…


There is also a sea turtle and a ray.  Of course my munchkins spent all of 5 minutes in the water.  My daughter – even less.  They preferred the swings, which are right next to the splash pad…

And there is still the rest of the park to enjoy…


The amazing dragon slide…much smaller than I remembered…


If you get to Garden Grove, check out this park.  It is currently $1 admission with at least 6 different areas to explore and bridges, pathways to hike through.  Also, have lunch near a waterfall or with King Triton.  This is definitely a park NOT to miss.

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