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It’s going to be May Madness at Pretend City with spotlights on sports and the competitive spirit that drives us all. This month’s activities highlight your child’s social, emotional, and physical development along with the fierce independence and teamwork that sports foster. Sports fans and spectators alike will enjoy a deeper understanding of the games that children relish.

Check out what’s up for May:
Saturday, May 11: Mother’s Day Celebration
10:30a.m. – Lil’ Me Morning: Sensational Story Time
2:30p.m. – Engaging Afternoon: Growing Up Great Throughout the day – Art Studio: Smart Art
Specifically for: Children of all ages; Grown-ups Mother’s Day is a special occasion to honor mothers everywhere, showering them with love, care, and warmth. On this Mother’s Day eve, Pretend City brings you some splendid celebration activities that are sure to create wonderful memories for mommies and children.

  • Sensational Story Time: The Night Before Mother’s Day – This sweet story is a fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day’s. Continue all the antics at home with your very own mommy-and-me grab bag full of supplies to make your Mother’s Day the best! 
  • Growing Up Great: Mommy & Me Yoga – Mommies, take some time to relax with your child during this mommy-and-me yoga session. Doing yoga together enhances your child’s cognitive development, improves social skills, and is just plain fun. 
  • Art Studio Smart Art Activity: Mommy & Me Puppets – Get creative and have some fun with these personalized puppets! Pretend play with puppets builds your child’s social and emotional skills.

Fee: Included with museum admission

@PretendCity #maymadness

Sunday, May 12 – Pretend City Closed in honor of Mother’s Day

Daily Lil’ Me Mornings 
Time: Monday – Friday 11:00a.m.; Saturday & Sunday 10:30a.m.
Hit a home run every morning and visit Pretend City for Lil’ Me Mornings. These facilitated activity times are specially designed to empower your family to create rhythms and routines that joyfully celebrate sports.
Mondays – Sports Songs
Tuesdays – Sports Math
Wednesdays – Sports Science
Thursdays – Sensational Sports Story Time
Fridays – Good “Sports”
Saturdays – Sports Shapes
Sundays – Sports Snacks

Daily Engaging Afternoons
Time: Tuesday – Friday 3:30p.m.; Saturday & Sunday 2:30p.m.
Children just love to play games! Provide a little music and a competitive element, and … bingo! Everyone is enjoying a sports activity together. These facilitated, interactive, team-centered activities are just the thing to kindle your child’s team spirit.
Tuesdays – Soccer Shots
Wednesdays – Football Friends
Thursdays – T-ball for Tykes
Fridays – Beginning Ballet
Saturdays – Basketball Bonanza
Sundays – Cheer City Kids

Monday, May 13: Baby Steps through Pretend City!  
Time: 2:00-3:30p.m.
Specifically for: Infant (0-18 months) and their grown-ups. For the comfort of our infant guests, no older siblings please.
It’s never too early to explore play and artistic expression with your baby, and Pretend City shows you how. This Baby Steps event includes activities that help your little ones in their development and provide lots of bonding time. Be sure to visit the Art Studio, Beach, and Grocery Store for age- appropriate, facilitated activities exclusively for infants and young toddlers only. Don’t forget to pick up a free Ages & Stages Questionnaire to check how your little one is developing! They’re FREE, fast, and easy!
RSVP: max 60
Fee: $10 per adult, FREE for infants and Pretend City Members  

Monday, May 27 – Pretend City Open Full Day in honor of Memorial Day

@PretendCity #maymadness

About Pretend City Children’s Museum
Pretend City Children’s Museum features a small, interconnected city designed to “build better brains” through purposeful play, hands-on learning experiences, role playing, and educational programming.  As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving all children, it depends on community-based funding and guest support.  Through 17 interactive exhibits and activities guided by a highly trained professional staff, children learn foundational math, reading and science skills, while fostering curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, organization, teamwork, self-confidence and socialization.  The museum is a unique community resource offering developmental screenings and tools for families, educators and community agencies working to ensure that each child gains the experiences needed to discover their potential and build toward a productive and fulfilling future.  Pretend City Children’s Museum is located at 29 Hubble, Irvine, CA 92618. For more information, please visit

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