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@seaworldWhen we have some time off, like during Spring Break, we head to San Diego.  You’ve already read about our fun at the Legoland Hotel and Legoland Park as well as our stay at The Bahia Resort, but we finished off our Spring Break with a little sea life fun at Seaworld.

My favorite thing about Seaworld?  The interaction with the sealife.  As soon as we get to the park, rather than running off to the shows, which we’ve seen dozens and dozens of times, we head to the dolphin exhibit. I love even the littlest chance that the dolphins will swim by and the kids and I will get a chance to pet them.  If we time it right, we’re sure to pick up a little fish to entice the beautiful porpises over for lunch.


From there, our next stop – the bat rays.  My husband LOVES these amazing creatures, and now the kids have become taken with them. This visit to Seaworld, we spent about 45 minutes feeding, watching and petting the bat rays.  Me – trying to get that perfect picture of them.@seaworld

As a typical day goes, toddlers must get the “wiggles” out, so we spent quite a bit of time at the Bay of Play. My kids really enjoy everything having to do with the Bay of Play from bouncing, games, rides and climbing. I’ve noticed that there are many locals who consider this the perfect playdate location, and I’d have to agree if you’re a San Diego resident.

If you’re traveling to Seaworld anytime soon, you’ll notice they’re under construction.  Huge walls enclosed the entrance, with giant pictures of the new coming attraction.  Looks like there will be a new interactive exhibit to check out Spring 2014.


And I had to investigate!  Check out the video on the expansion.  Now I can’t wait!


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