Where Has Time Gone? In Celebration of His 6th Year…

Every year we go through it.  As a Mom, I become fascinated that yet another year has come and gone and my little guy is that much more grown up.  Tonight, we cuddled as I thought back to the same time when I was in the hospital, scared for us because I was so sick.

Handsome Boy

Because of my Pre-Eclampsia, I was hospitalized at 33 weeks.  At 35 weeks, my doctor decided it was time for me to deliver, even though my little man was just happy as a clam where he was.  

After over 24 hours of inducement and labor, he was finally delivered by c-section after I was rushed into the operating room because he was in distress.  My little miracle baby was born at 1:29 in the morning weighing 4lbs, 6oz and having a tough time breathing.  His little lungs kicked into high gear and were fine after about 30 minutes, but I was still in trouble.  With a blood pressure over 200/100, the nurses shut out all visitors, friends and family.  Five days later he was released and ready to go home, while Mom was expected to stay.  Daddy convinced my doctors that our little man couldn’t go home without his mom.

First Cuddles With Mama

It’s been an amazing 6 years, watching him walk, talk and become the adorable little man he is today.  I’m so lucky to be his Mama!!!

The Boys

To my adorable little man, Mom and Dad are so proud of what an amazing brother you have become to your little sister, the sweetest boy who puts everyone first.


You are the biggest little helper and an amazing little reader at 6 years old.  You get your love of numbers from Daddy, and your car obsession is just incredible because you already know about every make and model we find on the road.


Your smile lights up a room, as well as your giggles gets me laughing every time.


You have become quite the little clown.  Telling silly little jokes, doing your goofy little dance and jumping around like a crazy little guy when you are super excited about something.


You have certainly become all “BOY”, with your love of anything on wheels, with speed and sports.


Forever you will be my handsome baby boy, the one who fit into the palm of my hand and captured my heart.  I love you more than words….

Happy Birthday Baby!

Blake 6

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