Fabulous 5th Birthday

Moms now a days tend to go over the top when it comes to birthdays. I just happen to be guilty of trying to come up with an adorable theme and go crazy with the decorations. With my princess’ 5th birthday party, it just had to be Fabulous 5th Birthday.

Melissa Invitation

Typically I start with an idea or a theme and run with it.  Since my beautiful daughter has become quite the fashionista/diva, I decided it certainly had to be a “fancy” party.  Pink, Black and animal print seemed rather appropriate and I began my search for party supplies.

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You’re Invited! Barbie’s 55th Birthday Party at Farrell’s 3/9 | @FarrellsIsBack

Any Barbie fans in the house?  If you don’t have any plans this weekend, you are invited to celebrate Barbie’s 55th Birthday at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour!   Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour will be celebrating Barbie’s 55th birthday this Sunday, March 9.  Join Barbie and Ken from 10am to 11am at your local Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour. …

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Where Has Time Gone? In Celebration of His 6th Year…

Every year we go through it.  As a Mom, I become fascinated that yet another year has come and gone and my little guy is that much more grown up.  Tonight, we cuddled as I thought back to the same time when I was in the hospital, scared for us because I was so sick.

Handsome Boy

Because of my Pre-Eclampsia, I was hospitalized at 33 weeks.  At 35 weeks, my doctor decided it was time for me to deliver, even though my little man was just happy as a clam where he was.  

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