Visiting Friends in Deer Park, Washington | #WilleyMobileAdventure #RoadTrip2014

We decided that the first task of business was to teach the kids how to fish.  Since we really don’t have much personal experience (other than once or twice when we were kids), we decided to leave it to the pros.

Lake Loon

We took a little drive to Loon Lake (approximately 20 min).  It’s a beautiful little catch and release fishing lake.  As you can see from the photos, many houses line the lake – all own the property there.

Fishing Princess

The kids had a blast! They loved to cast, reel in the fish – if we caught any, all of it except touching the worms – haha.  Jeff and JoAnna took on that task, until the fish started biting, then I jumped in. The Princess caught 2, she was so excited.

1st Catch

My handsome boy also caught 2, he was so proud because he was the first of the day. And I happened to catch 3.  Dad unfortunately didn’t end up catching any – he was a little impatient and kept reeling in before a fish would bite.

Dada Fisher

Eventually we headed out and grabbed a quick bite to eat at a local burger restaurant before they closed. Amazingly, most places close in town around 7 or 8pm.


Back at the house everyone enjoyed rides on the ATVs before the sun went down…or as it was getting dark.


Then we headed in to just hang out.  It was so nice to just hang out. We had such a great time catching up with them, that the kids didn’t really have a bed time while we were there. They just ended up falling asleep before 11pm.  It was such a great time, we’re already planning another adventure for next year.

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