Take Flight at Boysen Park in Anaheim

Boysen Park
951 S. State College Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92806
We’ve been so crazy busy lately, that we haven’t really had a chance to just going out and play.  Even today, we had school, tee ball games, and blogging events.  So, I decided rather than commute back and forth from school to home to the game, we’d stop at a park that we’ve been wanting to visit. I told hubs to pick up a few sub sandwiches on his way to meet us, as this park was a great setting for a picnic dinner.

Boysen Park is located in Anaheim off of State College and East Wagner Road.  There are two rocket ship play structures one designed for toddlers age 2-5 and the other for school age children with 3 levels for climbing.  There is also a giant Navy Marine Jet (made of concrete) that kids are welcome to climb all over.

Two banks of swings are located close to each play structure, one with 4 baby swings

There are also smaller objects the kids can climb on – a colorful dome which is fun for little ones to hang on.

Something to think about – this playground has the rubberized surface AND wood chips – I would recommend close toed shoes for all!

As my mother in law tells me, she use to bring her boys regularly.  In talking to my husband, he agreed, he loved this park as a kid.  And the fact it is still around for our children to enjoy is just awesome.

This park has a large open field area, enough so that several soccer games can be going at once.  For parties, a great location as their are park benches everywhere and lots of parking with two lots.  The park also has bathrooms.

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  1. Fun park! Played on the airplane as a kid. I was kiss right on the lips by an older boy while in the belly… ewww, I was 5 years old. My elementary school was next door, used to ride there on our bikes and watch a baseball game, and I cut thru it on my way home from HS. But The Airplane is covered in concrete, not “made of concrete”. It was a real U.S. Navy Cougar jet made of metal and had a cockpit and instruments, but they slowly covered it to protect the kids playing on it.


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