Tips to Surviving A Toddler Stomach Flu

It’s been a rough couple of days around here.  We were on our way to the grand opening of a new frozen yogurt place when suddenly Handsome Boy says his tummy hurt.  Thinking it was just because he was running around, being a wild man, playing with his sister, I told him to sit, relax and settle down till we left for the event.  We reach our destination, get out of the car, and he gets sick – right there, in the parking lot.

We quickly get in and out of the Grand Opening Party and run him home.  Toddler stomach flu is the pits!!!  I know, he’s not quite a toddler anymore, but I still use the same “go to” techniques to get him through:

Sick Toddler Tips

1 – Make Them A Comfortable (yet changeable) Bed – I Absolutely LOVE the fun character sofas you can get just about everywhere for around $45.  They are perfect for sick days!  Throw in a pillow and cover with towels, this makes a comfortable bed that you can quickly throw in the wash. 

Sick Toddler Bucket

2 – The Sick Bucket – Designate a small container or bucket so they don’t have to get up to run to the bathroom each time they need to throw up.  It will make it easier on them, and you so you don’t have to clean up any accidents or mishaps that may happen on the way.  I always keep wipes handy – great for a quick clean up, and wipes away some of the germs.

Sick Toddler Tricks

3 – Go To Foods When He Starts To Feel Better – I remember when I was little, my mom would give me white rice or saltines when I was sick.  Bland foods  are the best to start off with after they are through the vomiting stage.  Just enough food to start coating their little tummies again.  Also, ginger ale helps with the nausea too.

Sick Toddler Movies

4 – Movie Library – I don’t know about you, but watching Disney channel all day drives me batty.  Having a great selection of movies helps keep the little ones from being bored while sick.  Hey, even I enjoy watching the Little Mermaid or Cars and get in some quality snuggle time with my sickies.

Sick Toddler Gadgets

5 – Gadgets – Yes, having a little gaming time while getting better also helps to pass the time.  I like to mix in some educational apps too.  This keeps them calm while their body recuperates.

Sick Toddler Soup

6 – Home Made Chicken Soup – Now that he can handle a little food, I wanted to get a little chicken and veggies in while he was enjoying his favorite, pasta.  The funny thing is, I ended up eating more than they did, since they don’t have their appetite back yet.

This stomach flu was a fast hitting one.  Handsome Boy started with symptoms at  around 4pm and seemed to sleep peacefully at about 11:30pm.   That was when my princess woke up because she rolled out of bed and smashed her nose.  Then her symptoms started at about 1:30am.  Let me tell you, it’s been a REALLY long day.  Hopefully they’ll sleep good tonight.  I know I sure need it!

When the toddler stomach flu hits your house, what are “go to” techniques to get your little one through?

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