Enhance Childhood Creativity with AEO Boxes

When it comes to kids’ imagination, the possibilities are endless. However, throw the word “HOMEWORK” in the mix and the ideas seem to come to a halt. AEO Boxes are storytelling boxes that inspire the creativity through idea cards that can assist young authors.

AEO Storytelling Boxes

A friend of mine introduced me to AEO Boxes. He thought my daughter would really enjoy them, so he connected me with Mark the creator of AEO Boxes, who sent me samples. And my friend was absolutely right! She loves to unleash her imagination and write stories, dance numbers and even an occasional you tube video.

 Boxes The Storytelling BoxShe saw the boxes sitting on the kitchen counter as soon as they arrived and her curiosity got the best of her. Card after card were scattered around the table until she found pictures and words that inspired her to sit down and write a story.

Since the school year just started, my daughter just started receiving homework. She gets her homework (math pages and fluency reading) every Friday, and it isn’t due until the following Friday. I’ve decided to add 20 minutes of reading to her regular assignments since she finishes it all in one day, but she prefers writing instead. The AEO Storytelling Box has been instrumental in sparking her inner author. While she is too embarrassed to share her work with the world, she plans to use these cards to inspire her own blog posts on her classroom “Kidsblog”.

Then the AEO Reward Boxes came into play. My kids were so excited that they “clipped up” (had an awesome day at school) that on the way home, they wanted a reward. Typically they request ice cream, but I had another idea up my sleeve. When we got home, I showed them the reward box and their eyes lit up when they saw the card I picked. They jumped at the chance to turn my dining room into a gigantic cave, complete with blankets, stuffed animals and any toys they could find. Having a reward other than a sweet treat or tablet time is simply awesome, and it gave me time to get a little work done around the house.

AEO Reward Boxes

The AEO Boxes are also a great way to interact with your youngster. Creator, Mark came up with the concept when inventing stories with his daughter. Grab a card, and dream up a story before bed time – exactly what Mark had envisioned! It’s time to have family time and bond over a story now. For more information about AEO Boxes, visit the website: https://www.aeoboxes.com/.

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