A Toddler’s Favorite – Mother’s Beach

If you are in Southern California, or even have been watching our weather reports, you’ve probably noticed we’ve been in a heat wave for fall.  Kinda crazy!  Even looking at the forecast for the next couple of weeks, looks like it will be ups and downs….mostly HOT!

A great – RELAXING – QUIET – beach to take toddlers to – Seabridge Park in Huntington Beach.  Affectionately called “Mother’s Beach”, Seabridge Park is located in Huntington Harbor on Countess Ave. in Huntington Beach.

This little park has a play structure with a slide and a set of swings.  There is also a restroom facility and a public shower to clean up afterwards.  The best part about this little piece of the ocean – NO WAVES.  If you have toddlers who are just walking, this is the perfect spot.  I recommend bringing water shoes to make it easier for youngsters to walk as there is a mix of sand and pebbles on the beach.  For extra protection, arm floaties or some sort of flotation helps keep them water safe.

It is a nice spot for moms to sit and chat, and a great place for a play date where kiddos have a large play area to let out all the excess energy.  There are some beautiful estates here you can sit and dream about too.  My friends and I have had several conversations about the gorgeous homes there.

And I must add, this is a GREAT place for photos!  I love the way the pictures of my munchkins came out.  Maybe a photo shoot location for holiday cards?

Remember that this is part of Huntington Harbor, so it could use a bit of a clean up.  And I’d recommend washing the kiddos off at the shower located next to the restrooms when they are done playing in the water.


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