Creating a Turkey Lesson

Even though my kids are in preschool, I still enjoy learning at home.  So much so, that a couple of years ago, I was highly considering home schooling for preschool and Kindergarten.  I got together with some girlfriends and created a co-op where each mom created lessons around 1 theme each month and we made a learning/home school play date with it.

My theme: Turkeys.
First, we started with stories: ” The Story of Thanksgiving” & “10 Fat Turkeys”.

Then I printed worksheets from some of my favorite resources:

Making Learning Fun

All Kids Network

They especially liked practicing writing “T” and doing the Turkey Maze.


While the big kids were practicing writing, the little kids were working on a matching game.


{The tray for the matching game was purchased at the dollar store and the turkey graphics were found on line and printed.  For vibrant pictures, I used photo paper}



For the math portion of our class, we counted and added feathers to our turkey.

{To Make the turkey, I used a foam turkey kit, a bag of feathers and a styrofoam block that I found at Michael’s.  I assembled it and glued it to a styrofoam cube that I painted brown.} 


The children created their own turkeys.

{To make the turkey kits, I used the above mentioned foam turkey as a stencil and cut out pieces of construction paper and put them into individual bags so each child had their own kit – quick and easy to hand out}  

We sang turkey songs.  Each child got to pick a song that was printed on a feather of the turkey.  Once they chose the song, they had to add it to the turkey on the felt board.

{The materials of the felt board were also from Michael’s.  I used the above mentioned foam turkey kit to cut out the same shapes in felt and googled “turkey theme” songs for the kids to learn}

For the littlest learners, I created a sensory box:
{Materials of the sensory box came from the dollar store.  I picked up a plastic container, pinto beans and mini pine cones, mini gourds, mini pumpkins, a couple of pilgrim figurines and rubber ducky pilgrims}
And we finished off our day of turkey fun with a creative snack.  The kids got to decorate their own sugar cookie turkeys.

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