Time To Get Organized

If you are anything like me, it is a MUST to stay organized. I’ve discovered this amazing online family organizer; AboutOne, that does the job perfectly.  It is a completely private and secure way to manage family memories and household paperwork, at home and on-the-go.

I have been plagued with the dreaded “Mommy Brain” and can’t seem to remember anything!  AboutOne’s online organizer makes it easy to access details about people, places, paperwork, and events that are important to me, and receive automatic email updates to remind me of what’s on my calendar. 

Store receipts, paperwork, photos, videos, and notes so this information is organized and available whenever needed.  There has been so many times I’ve tried to return something only to discover that I’ve thrown away the receipt.  With Mobile Applications, I can enter pictures and receipts with ease, and be able to quickly relocate it in minutes.

Check out some of the details of how this amazing online family organizer can simplify life.

I truly think that Joanne Lang, AboutOne’s founder and CEO, got it right.  As a mom of four young boys, she juggled so many different forms of social media to handle different aspects of her life. After one medical emergency with one of her boys, she realized the need for an online resource that could store information about her family that she’d typically have filed away at home.

Is it safe?  AboutOne uses the same technologies and practices that banks and other financial institutions use to protect customer information. This includes encryption, auditing, logging, back-ups, and safe-guarding data. Their security practices are monitored and verified by VeriSign, McAfee, and TRUSTe.

Check it out for yourself.  Like all social media, once you get started, you’ll be hooked!

I was compensated by AboutOne to review their online organizer. All opinions and text are my own.

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  1. I always try things out all gun-ho and then drop it. I need consistency. Right now my desk has reusable bags full of stuff that needs to get organized. So horrible! Thanks for the tips.


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