Throw Back To The 80’s With Donkey Kong Country

Disclaimer:   We were invited to review the new Donkey Kong Country DVD and given an 80’s Party Pack.  All the opinions shared are my own.

Throw back to 1981, the days of Aquanet, big hair and neon fashion; the time when The Nintendo Gaming System and Donkey Kong took over household entertainment. 

Donkey Kong Country

Now you can reminisce about those good ol’ days and share a bit of your childhood fun with your youngsters.

Donkey Kong

Check out the  80’s themed party pack  we received for our viewing party of Donkey Kong Country!!!

Donkey Kong 80s Party

The kids really got into the gloves and the glasses, wanting to get their 80’s grove on and party!  I even got in the mix with an old hair style I used to wear…

Donkey Kong 80s Party Peep

Starting August 20th, Donkey Kong Country will be available on DVD with four classic episodes.


First meet Cranky, who introduces us to the Crystal Coconut with mystical powers.  It is considered a fortune teller, teleporter, power supplier and a wish fulfiller all in one.  This highly sought after magic coconut is the crux of all four episodes.  Donkey Kong, the future king and super strong protector keeps the Crystal Coconut safe in Congo Bongo. King K. Rool and his band of Kremlins are after the Crystal Coconut.


Episode 1: Bad Hair Day
King K. Rool creates a robot ape to take the place of Donkey Kong’s girlfriend, Candy.  She tricks Donkey Kong into cutting off his hair, which in turn, takes away his strength.  This makes it a tough battle to keep the Crystal Coconut safe.


Episode 2: Ape Foo Young
Cranky makes a potion to make himself young and strong and goes after King K Rool and the Crystal Coconut.  Donkey Kong finds the potion and is transformed into a baby ape.  Again, a struggle to keep the Crystal Coconut safe from King K. Rool and his Kremlins.


Episode 3: Booty And The Beast
Captain Scurry and his pirate friends are on a quest for the Crystal Coconut.  Donkey Kong quickly takes action, however the Captain is successful in capturing the magical coconut.  Donkey Kong and his sidekick Diddy press on and eventually save the day.


Episode 4: Barrell Barrell, Who’s Got The Barrell
The Crystal Coconut gets lost in a barrell and all chase after it as it ends up in the hands of King K. Rool and his Kremlins and finally Donkey Kong, Diddy and Candy find it.

 Donkey Kong 80s Party Kids

We had a blast!  The kids loved watching each episode (run time 1hr 30min).  They were absolutely glued to the tv, only to look up when one episode ended and another began.   After, threw on some 80’s tunes and started dancing around the house!  They should be used to it, as we blair 80’s music in the car daily.

Donkey Kong Country makes a fun gift! it’s is now available at Walmart, Target and other major retailers.

Thanks to Kaboom Entertainment for this fun review.  






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