Teaching Toddlers How To Catch Leprechauns

Today at school, my munchkins were introduced to the mayhem of Leprechauns.  In one class, the little guy left green footprints and the classroom a disaster.

While at school, each classroom was filled with stories:

  • “The Leprechaun is hiding on the playground”. 
  • “I heard giggles in the classroom from a Leprechaun”.  
  • “We sang songs to try to get the Leprechaun to re-appear”.
  • “We followed clues around the playground on search for the Leprechaun”.
The kids were so excited about him, that when we got home, we needed to build a “Leprechaun Catcher” just to try and get a sneak peak of these magical little men.
I decided not to go too fancy, one because the kids were going to help build and find supplies throughout the house, and two because we have a dance class we have to get ready for tonight – just not enough time.
These are the items we found around the house:
  • 1 cardboard box
  • packs of colored card stock
  • cotton balls
  • rainbow colored star stickers
  • paper cutter
  • plastic table cloth roll
  • tape
  • 1 bowl
  • Lucky Charms
We used the table cloth to cover the inside of the box, making it look like green grass.  While I was taping it down, the kids used the stickers to decorate strips of paper to make the rainbow.  Once the box was covered, we added a large piece of tape so the kids could stick cotton balls to the tape to make a cloud.  We then taped the strips of paper under the cloud to for a rainbow.  Filled a bowl of Lucky Charms to lure our Leprechaun in.  Added a few pieces of St. Patrick’s’ Day scrap book paper to make it more festive.
#stpatricksday #leprechauncatcher
The kids LOVED creating our little Leprechaun Catcher.  How are you share the love of the Irish tradition with your kids?  One tip: Make sure you spell Leprechaun right!  HA!!!

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