Taking The Kids To Their First Concert – The Fresh Beat Band

Sponsored EVENTLast weekend we were so pumped about taking the kids to their first concert, The Fresh Beat Band and we were singing and chair dancing the whole time!

The Fresh Beats

The Fresh Beat Band is a show that gets preschoolers singing and dancing along with the “Fresh Beats”: Kiki, Marina, Twist and Shout.  Attending music school, the Fresh Beats teaches us about music appreciation through original pop songs and fun choreographed numbers.

The concert was perfect for my little ones.  Even though they were a little shy and didn’t want to get up and dance in the aisles, they were singing from their seats.  I loved that my kids (and I) knew practically all of their songs – true fans, right?

Family At Fresh Beat Band Concert

The show started off with a bang! The “Fresh Beats” opening with their theme song, which introduced each of the artists.

Fresh Beat Band Characters

It was a special treat, taking the kids to their first concert! The show started at 1pm, so we made it fun by grabbing lunch, a couple of snacks and cotton candy while we were there.  

When our favorite songs came up – even I was singing along.  Here is a mini snippet of Freeze Dance:

Then the crowd “Bananas” with this favorite tune from The Fresh Beat Band:

If you get the opportunity to take your family to see the Fresh Beat Band in concert, I highly recommend it.

Fresh Beat Band Singing

To keep up to date of events and things happening with The Fresh Beats, visit their website: https://www.freshbeatbandlive.com/ or, Facebook.

Fresh Beat Band Dancing 
Disclaimer: No compesation was received for this post, however we did receive media tickets.

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