Survive The Heat at Knott’s Soak City OC

{Hosted} This weekend’s heat wave was perfect timing for the opening of Knott’s Soak City. Now, Southern California can survive the summer heat at Orange County’s largest water park, featuring the newest addition, the water slide towers: Shore Break and The Wedge; with a total of seven new exhilarating attractions geared for families and thrill seekers. Pair that with lounging around Sunset River or Tidal Wave Bay while the kids splash it up in Gremmie Lagoon, and you have yourself a perfect day!

Knott's Soak City Summertime

We were excited to be invited to Knott’s Soak City, and spend the day with my daughter’s friend and a group of tweens celebrating a birthday. You know, I had never considered Soak City for a birthday celebration, but it was a BLAST!

Birthday Celebrations at Knotts Soak City Buena Park

First up, the girls ran to the new towers. Shore Break Towers’s slides are for those guests that are 48″ and up, and are daring. How ever, for guests 42″ in taller The Wedge is an awesome family ride that the girls were excited to ride together.

The New Shore Break Towers at Knotts Soak City

The Wedge at Knotts Soak CityClimb The Wedge Tower as inflatable rafts/boats are hauled up through a conveyor belt. Ride in parties of 6  or less as you spin, twist and glide through the slide and land in the pool below. The girls were super excited to be able to ride The Wedge together with one of the mom’s able to ride along with them.

One thing we noticed, walking from slide to slide and around the attractions in the water park, is that there is now more lounge seating. Besides the lounge chairs, guests can set up towels and a “main camp” so to speak in the grassy areas if you’re looking for a little shade under the trees.

Knott’s Soak City cabanas are another way to have a dedicated shaded space to relax and enjoy for an additional fee.

And if you’re hungry, visit Longboard’s Grill which offers cafeteria style bites including hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken strips, salads and refreshments.

Soak City OC is perfect for families as they have many different options for all ages.  At Tidal Wave Bay, life vests are offered, even required for children 48″ and under for their safety.  If you choose to bring your own life vest into the park, it must be Coast Guard approved.

The Beach House at Knott's Soak City

For the littlest of guests, Gremmie Lagoon offers fun water features for the kids to play with, climb on and slide down. The area is quite shallow, only about an inch or two deep in some areas that littles can sit just about anywhere to keep cool.

Knott's Soak City Gremmie Lagoon

Hands down, my kids and I absolutely LOVE the laziness of Sunset River, however for us it isn’t so lazy. Youngsters 48″ and shorter are required to wear life vests while enjoying the river. Typical families enjoy lounging round on the innertubes, letting the tide carry them around the park, however my kids would prefer to race around the river.

Knott's Soak City Sunset River

And don’t forget about those rides for the more adventurous of guests. For fearless riders, Malibu Run, Old Man Falls and Pacific Spin are perfect! In my younger years, I was so up for these rides, but now that I’m “OLD”, just the image makes my heart race!!!


8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620

Open now through September 9th daily however be sure to check their website (HERE) for exact hours as they change daily.

Knott’s Soak City OC is certainly a destination to add to your “Summer Bucket List”. You can even make a staycation of it with Knott’s Berry Farm right across the street and The Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel within walking distance of both. Planning a birthday celebration at Soak City is very easy. We met up in the afternoon and had several mom’s in attendance so we could split up and keep an eye on the girls and younger siblings. Rather than cake, you can pick up dippin’ dots or slushies, and everyone will definitely have a day to remember.

The girls at Knott's Soak City Celebrating a Birthday

Things to consider when visiting Knott’s Soak City OC:

  • Don’t forget towels and sunblock apply it before you get to the park, then the spray on form for easy application and re-application
  • You’ll need a pair of shoes to wear around the park, the cement gets hot!
  • Water proof your phone/camera if you can to keep it dry.
  • Lockers are available to keep your valuables safe
  • If you’d like a lounge chair, plan on getting there early – or rent a chair/cabana for the day
  • Inner tubes are available for rent for the day. Some of the slides and lazy river do provide floaties, but you must wait in line for one.

If you are a Southern California local like we are, a Season Pass is a great option for the entire family. A Soak City OC “Gold Season Pass” and you have unlimited access for Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City OC for payments of $136 or $40 for the first month, and $32 for the next 3 months (plus taxes and fees). The Soak City OC “Platinum Season Pass” includes parking.

Knotts Soak City Water Park

Thanks Knott’s for an amazing day!
.Disclaimer: My family received admission tickets to Soak City OC.  No other form of compensation was received.  All opinions are my own.

Knott's Soak City Tidal Wave Bay


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