Planning A Summer Bucket List for 2013 | #SummerPlanning #Bucketlist #SummerBucketList

Today’s the day, the last day of school!!! Wahoooo!!!
Summer, here we come!!!
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Two years ago we started a tradition of making a list of the activities we want to do throughout the summer, The Summer Bucket List.  This year, we got the kids involved with the planning.  The Hubster and I started the list and let the kids add items that they really wanted to do. It’s going to take some planning to get through the whole list!

@toddlertrails #summerbucketlist

As the kids have gotten older, and with my son at the age he can now read, they really get excited at checking out the list (daily).  I usually print a copy and put it inside a cabinet door so we all have access to it and can cross off any item accomplished.

What will you put on your summer bucket list?  Please share because it may be something we never even dreamed up!!!

Happy Summer!!!

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9 thoughts on “Planning A Summer Bucket List for 2013 | #SummerPlanning #Bucketlist #SummerBucketList”

  1. Looks like you have most everything covered!! No kids so I don’t have to worry about keeping them occupied-as for me–nothing planned–I like surprises!!

  2. I don’t have kids; but I still create a bucket list for myself. This summer I want to take a weekend away for myself–that’s the big one, but I still don’t know where or when it will be!

  3. I love seasonal bucket lists! I often give myself (and by extension, everyone in my life) the challenge of completing one every fall. I love fall a lot, and pumpkins, and pumpkin patches, and hayrides, and apple-picking. I think we end up spending a good portion of October at the farm. Now I really want to do a summer one.


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