The Family Fun at Knotts Boardwalk is Officially Open | @knotts #knottsboardwalk

Talk about excitement! I love Knott’s Berry Farm, so I was honored to be invited to the Grand Opening – “Taffy Cutting” of the new Knotts Boardwalk.

@Knotts #KnottsBoardwalk

As part of the media, we were given an admission ticket and invited to all the festivities of the day, getting to meet all hands involved with the project, first shot at experiencing the rides and mingling with guests over snacks.

@Knotts #KnottsBoardwalk

First thing on the agenda?  Checking out the rides!!!! You’ll have to check out Knott’s Berry Farm’s Boardwalk Pier with your family:

  • Coast Rider: This fast flying coaster will have everyone clinging to the handrails as they ascend 52 feet for a harrowing journey down a 1,339 foot track filled with hairpin turns, twists and spins.  Height Limit: 44 inches.  There is one big drop right at the beginning and a nervous turn as you feel like you’re going off the edge and onto Western Ave. below.  What I liked is that it was more tame than other roller coasters in the park, a great way to “get your feet wet” with a “roller coaster”.
  • The Surfside Gliders: Want to pilot your own two-man aircraft?  Guests will be able to take control as they soar above the boardwalk.  Height Limit: 36 inches.  Faster than I expected, it was fun to swing around left and right while gliding through the air.  One thing I noticed was that I had a slight dizzy feel when getting off, but I think my kids will certainly enjoy it.
  • Pacific Scrambler:  Like to get a little “shaken up” a bit?  Spin round and round the boardwalk in this classic fun ride that was brought back to the park.  Height Limit: 36 inches.  A fast spinning ride, the Scrambler gives you a thrill while pulling you around and around like a spinning top.
@Knotts #KnottsBoardwalk

These three rides, along with updated gift shops, restaurants and lights to light up the night gives this little corner of Knott’s where Perilous Plunge was previously located, the “California Boardwalk” feel.

Make sure you add Knotts Boardwalk to your family Summer Bucket List – we certainly are!

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