I Spent Mother’s Day with a Baby T-Rex

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If you’re a Mom, or Grandmother, I certainly hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, getting to rest and relax just like we all hope we have the opportunity to do.  Me, I had the opportunity to spend part of the day meeting a baby T Rex!

Walking With Dinosaurs Baby T Up Close

For Mother’s Day, we were invited to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana to get a first hand sneak peak at the upcoming show, Walking With Dinosaurs.

Walking With Dinosaurs Baby T

Mothers Day FlowerWhen we got to Discovery Science Center,  we were greeted by staff from the Honda Center and DSC.  They were on hand to welcome guests for the preview of Walking with Dinosaurs.

When we got there, I must admit, I felt super special.  All Moms were greeted with a beautiful flower and a gift bag full of lovely dino inspired treats.  Discovery Science Center Smoke Screen Each child also received a gift bag with fun dino trinkets too.

Off to explore, we ran to a few of our favorite exhibits at Discovery Science Center: My hubby made the best cloud rings. The kiddos aren’t yet strong enough or patient enough to wait for enough smoke to fill the hole.

Discovery Science Center Shopping

We just love shopping in the Discovery Market.  This time I went with my son and discovered that there are different sets of questions for the older kids, depending on their interestes.  It was so great to see my handsome boy running through the critical thinking process when selecting which laundry soap option had the most loads and which was more cost effective.

At around 11am, we were invited to watch a sneak peak of the creation and inspiration of Walking With Dinosaurs and what to expect with the show.  You can check out a little snippet here:

The moment I was waiting for finally arrived! A chance to see one of these spectacular creatures up close!

Walking With Dinosaurs Baby T Rex

I was trying to get as close to the roped off area as I could so I could get some awesome photos of the baby T-Rex we were about to see, while my hubby ran off in another direction with the kids.  I guess he felt he had a better vantage point.  As usual, he was right!!! When the baby T-Rex came charging out, he ran right up to my husband, and daughter on his shoulders and growled in her face.  Unfortunately, it scared her a little, but my husband thought it was great to be that close to him.

I was fascinated! He looked so real.  This little guy was 7ft tall and full of spunk. I can only imagine what a full size T-Rex looks like.

Have dinosaur lovers in your family?  Tickets are now on sale for the upcoming show that will be at the Honda Center this September.

Walking With The Dinosaurs

Southern California Engagement

Honda Center

2695 East Katella Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92806

September 3 – 7, 2014

For more information about the show or to order tickets visit their website: Walking With Dinosaurs. Connect via: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube


Disclaimer: We were invited to attend Discover Science Center on Mother’s Day and see the baby T-Rex.  No other form of compensation was received.  All opinions shared are my own.

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