Plan Their Future Now With A Scholarshare 529 College Savings Plan

“Plan Their Future Now With A Scholarshare 529 College Savings Plan” is a sponsored post on behalf of ScholarShare 529.

When we were new parents, our friends kept telling us to enjoy every bit of childhood because it goes so quickly. And just as they said, it has! My son is now 10 years old and my daughter is 8 and it is crazy to think that in 8 years, we will be looking at college. Last month we were speaking with our financial advisor, who told us the best way to save for college is by opening a ScholarShare 529, California’s college savings plan for our children. Now is the time! On December 7th and 8th, open a ScholarShare 529 account with an initial $50 contribution and set up of an Automatic Contribution Plan of $25 or more for 6 months and receive a $50 Target Gift Card.

ScholarShare 529

With research showing that children are 7x more likely to go to college if they have a savings account of any amount, this is a great way to  kick-start your child’s future!

When I went to college, I worked full time and attended school part time. My college financing came from my credit cards, probably one of the most costly options available. Now, with college tuition being such a daunting expense, making the best financial decision could possibly save you in the long run. By utilizing ScholarShare 529 college savings plan, your savings will grow faster through federal and state tax-deferred earnings. Money from the 529 plan is saved for educational expenses like tuition, fees, books, and certain room and board and withdrawals are not subject to federal or state income tax and can be used at accredited colleges and universities in the United States — even certain colleges abroad. Unlike many other education savings programs, 529 College Savings Plans allow for participation regardless of income with a higher ceiling on contributions than other options.

To find out more about the ScholarShare 529 plan, visit or call 866-230-8262.

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