PGA Sponsors Savanna High School’s Girls Golf Team | @scpga #ClubsForeYouth

I remember a conversation many years ago with my husband, when we were discussing the items he needed to run the high school sports program he was coaching. He told me that he did not, and had never received a budget, and was not even allowed to require players to pay to play. Therefore the financial cost of the equipment needed to participate in the program falls on the parents. However, what happens if they do not have the funds to cover the necessary equipment? The program then relies on sponsorships, like PGA: The Professional Golfer’s Association.

The Southern California PGA Foundation created ClubsForeYouth as a means to provide local student athletes, specifically female youth, with adequate resources needed to experience important recreational opportunities at high schools throughout Southern California. With programs like this, more students at my husband’s school will have an opportunity to participate in the girls golf program. The ClubsForeYouth giving spree has only just begun, with 40 sets of clubs now in the hands of high school athletes, the SCPGA is on track to donate another 60 sets throughout the community in the coming weeks.

This donation from the SCPGA Foundation makes me feel very humbled. We have a great group of girls that couldn’t afford new sets of clubs on their own, and as a teacher/coach it brings me a lot of joy to see our program receive this generous support.” ~ Savanna girls golf coach, Michael Willey

Southern California PGA Sponsor Savanna Softball

The LA84 Foundation laid the cornerstone for the ClubsForeYouth program with a generous donation. Coach Willey said:

I really appreciate all that the LA84 Foundation has done for student athletes in our community, especially with their support of the ClubsForeYouth program. Overall, I feel very grateful and blessed that SCPGA Foundation has reached out and provided this amazing opportunity for our program!”

The ClubsForeYouth initiative wouldn’t be possible without the generous support from public donations, the LA84 Foundation and the Friends of Golf. The SCPGA Foundation is aiming to provide 225+ student athletes with sets of Wilson Golf clubs by 2018, and can do this with your help. Spread the word and help the ClubsForeYouth program by donating here: CLUBSFOREYOUTH. You never know, one day your child may be benefitting from an organization such as the Southern California PGA.


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