Party with Sid The Science Kid

When my son turned 3, he was obsessed with Sid, The Science Kid.  We literally watched the show over and over each day, even my daughter was singing the theme song.  Naturally when it came to his birthday, it had to be Sid!

https://balancingthechaos.comWhile dreaming up ideas on how to do this party, I was enrolled in a Photoshop Elements class.  So worth it, because I was able to create some fun graphics I used for posters to spread around the house.

Instead of the typical invite where no one responds these days, I went with the “Evite” where people actually RSVP electronically.  Also, a great way to save some money with printing and postage.

For the menu, hubby decided that he really wanted to do it simple.  Hmm, to me, simple is, “call the caterer!”.  However, he meant simple, as in “inexpensive” or “home made”.  Since it was his idea, he enjoyed cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for approximately 70 guests.  Grandparents, as usually gladly chipped in with meatball appetizers, salads, etc.  So it really did turn into a “simple” luncheon.
Since the theme was Sid The Science Kid, for decorations, we went with primary colors.  Different colored table clothes for each table, bowls of goldfish and M & M’s are always winners with kid parties.  Since my son has 2 other friends with birthdays on exactly the same day, one so graciously donated her adorable streamers – primary colored card stock paper made into link streamers.  Combined with the home made posters, the birthday boy loved it!

With kiddie birthday parties, mini guests generally go home with parting gifts.  We decorated primary colored gift bags with Sid stickers and added in a bunch of science equipment that Sid uses: magnifying glasses, bug boxes filled with toy bugs, Sid tattoos  bubbles, notebooks and pencils, purchased from Oriental Trading Company.  Any extra items were put on the guest tables so the adults had a chance to play with them too.

To keep the kids entertained, we added a bounce house filled with plastic balls we borrowed from a friend.  Also tunnels, tents and ride on’s were available for those not bouncing away.
https://balancingthechaos.comAnd finally, I really LOVE cakes from Costco.  They are tasty, cute and the perfect price while serving TONS of people!    I love looking back and seeing how little my munchkins were….it just goes so fast!!!       

Sid The Science Kid Birthday

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  1. May I share that from the age of 6 month’s my grandson Siah has had all eyes on Sid the Science Kid. His smile expression is so bright and he is full of exciting laughter while watching this educational setting. Siah’s eyes are glued to the televsion as soon as he hears the Sid the Science Kid introduction theme song on the sprout channel. My desire is to have Sid the Science Kid character join us in celebrating my grandson’s first Birthday Party.


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