Ocean Adventures with Dana Wharf

Our family LOVES anything having to do with ocean animals, so when I was contacted by Ocean Adventures by Dana Wharf, I jumped on the opportunity to take the family whale watching.


Before heading out, I wanted to be prepared for this adventure, so I visited their website (HERE).  They say to bring sweatshirts and be prepared for the weather – A MUST! You can get something to eat at their full service galley or you can bring a lunch but coolers are not allowed on the boat – bring lots of napkins for the “just in case” (more later).  Most importantly, don’t forget your camera (you’ll take millions of pictures).


What will you see?  Whales (we did not see any whales this trip)

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Dolphins: We were lucky enough to see bottle nosed dolphins (my personal favorite) and smaller black dolphins (which I cannot remember their exact name)

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and Sealions.

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Most every trip you will have the opportunity to see sea animals, but on that off chance, Ocean Adventures promises that if you don’t see any whales or dolphins, they will give you tickets for a return trip.


We had such a great time on this adventure!  Unfortunately, being the first boat trip for my toddlers, my 3 year old ended up sea sick, so when I said earlier, bring extra napkins for the “just in case”, make sure you are prepared.  Hubby also came down with a little queasy stomach, but the breeze from the top deck helped out.  I did notice when we picked up our tickets, they do have Dramamine available at their gift shop, but please consult a physician before you take something!


Thank you Ocean Adventures at Dana Wharf for an amazing family day!
Disclaimer: We were given admission tickets to Ocean Adventures to review and share with our dedicated readers.  In no way did this alter my opinion of  Ocean Adventures.  My opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.


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