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Last week, I had the opportunity to surprise my handsome boy, as we were invited to see an advanced screening of Monsters University (with two free tickets) the night before he graduated from Kindergarten.  

So excited about the anticipation of date night, we talked about it in detail the day before…what time we were going to leave (have to figure in traffic down to Newport Beach), what we were going to do about dinner, what Daddy and sister were going to do while we were gone, etc.  I think I was more excited than he was!  


I picked him up from school and we were on our way.  He decided he wanted Subway – perfect, because did you know they have Monsters U kids meals right now?  You can get one of these adorable bag/backpack with the kids meal.

So we grabbed our meal and headed off to Fashion Island, to the Big Newport Theater for the movie.  When we got there, handsome just HAD to stop and check out the Gravity Falls car!!!

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When we checked in for the movie, I was told it may be easier to leave my phone in the car – or check it.  Basically, they don’t want you to have your cell phones in the theater, so I left it in the car.  I didn’t realize we were going to have photo opps!!!  Outside the theater, you can create your own Monsters University Student ID badges like Mike Wazowski’s…only with your adorable mug shot!!! (We’ll have to make sure we do this when we see the movie with the rest of the family!)



  • The fact that this movie takes place in college – transformed me back to the days of “Animal House”
  •  The competition between Mike and Sully
  • Randall – what? He’s a nice guy???
  • Underlining messages – you need to believe in yourself, you can make it happen.
I asked handsome what part he liked the most, and he giggled at the memory of Mike and Sully racing through the college, chasing the opposing school’s mascot.  
I must say, handsome and I, really enjoyed this movie.  Initially, I like to see any movie before he gets to see them because he still gets jittery with a few of the “scary” evil characters.  So, if you have little ones who tend to get nightmares from “dark scary” parts of movies, Dean Hardscrabble may make them jump. 

Make a plan this summer to add Monsters University to your Summer Bucket List like we did.  And, for added fun, check out this online Monsters University Milk Game. (click the picture to access)
Monsters University Opens in theaters Friday, June 21st
For more information about the movie, check out their ADORABLE website: 

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