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A sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sweetworxx. My husband is crazy busy. As a teacher, coach and a basketball referee, he barely has any free time for himself, so when it comes to typical car maintenance, convenience is key! That’s why I decided to surprise him today and gave him the gift of convenience with Sweetworxx: car service without him physically having to take his car to the shop.

Gift of Convenience Sweetworxx Auto Service

Taking your car in for any type of car service can be both time consuming and frustrating, especially for someone like my husband who is constantly running from one sporting activity to another.  With winter break two days away, my husband was super excited to have some down time – but he now has 2 basketball games a day as an official. Absolutely no time to get the car into the shop for a routine oil change and maintenance.  I decided to surprise him the gift of convenience with a Sweetworxx appointment. The convenience of having someone else take her car in for service while he didn’t have to.

Sweetworxx Service

A few nights before I told him my plan. Had to reveal the surprise early because I wanted the service to happen either during the school day when he didn’t need his car, or while he was spending time at home with us. He downloaded the app which is now available both on the iOS and Android operating systems. Once he entered all the basic vehicle information, we scheduled service for a Thursday, late morning pickup.

Sweetworxx offers consumers a chance to multi-task at your convenience. By simply download the Sweetworxx app, you can schedule any type of car service, and a Sweetworxx driver will meet you at your office, home, or even favorite shopping location. While you’re busy taking care of business, your car is quickly delivered to a local auto shop (contracted with Sweetworxx). Your automobile will go through the scheduled service and if there are any additional issues, you will be notified via the app or a phone call to discuss the next options. Once the service is complete, the car is efficiently returned.

The driver arrived as expected. My husband and the Sweetworxx driver discussed the timeframe and details of the service. We also had an unexpected visitor – Dave Kunz, Eyewitness News Automotive Specialist on assignment to investigate the Sweetworxx process.

Sweetworxx Service Appointment

The Basic Maintenance car service included:

  • Synthetic Oil Change
  • Oil Filter Change
  • New windshield wiper blades
  • New cabin filter
  • New pollen filter

After we spoke with Dave Kunz about the process and confirmed the services, the driver walked around the vehicle, inspecting for any significant marks, dings or scratches etc. Once photos were filed into their network, paperwork signed and agreed upon, he answered any additional questions and was quickly in route to deliver the vehicle to the local service provider Sweetworxx is contracted with.

Sweetworxx Inspection

While his car went out for service, my husband was able to spend some time with us at home while we had a couple of visitors that stopped by including his mom and an old major league baseball player he once coached in high school. Really, you never know what’s going to happen at our house from minute to minute!

At approximately 4:30 p.m,, our Chevy Tahoe was returned. The services completed included:

  • Cabin/Pollen Filter removed and replaced
  • Windshield Wiper Blades removed and replaced
  • Engine Oil & Filter removed and replaced with a new filter AND synthetic oil

My husband was quite pleased he didn’t have to take time out of his day to run and get the oil and filter changed in his car, especially since he is starting a cold, it was better he was able to stay home and rest!

Sweetworxx Finalization

Interested in trying out the service for yourself, or give the gift of convenience to a friend or family member? Right now, Sweetworxx is now servicing all of Orange County, and is expanding quickly. If you act now, during the month of December, get 25% off all services with this special code ONLY FOR Balancing The Chaos readers: SWEETJEN25.

Gift Convenience Sweetworxx

They are fully licensed carry a commercial general liability insurance for a number of unfortunate events that could possibly occur. The auto repair shops, auto technicians, car rental companies, towing companies, drivers and other third party providers in their network are independent contractors and the list is growing quickly.

Check out the Sweetworxx App here: and save yourself a little time.

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