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Disclosure:  I was contacted directly by Disney/Dreamworks who asked for my participation in sharing the news about the upcoming release of Delivery Man, the movie.  All opinions are my own.

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Do you remember when you were in your late teens, early 20’s thinking about the future trying to figure out where your life was headed?  It’s kinda funny thinking back to “the plan” I set for myself when I was younger.  I recall being in high school, thinking I’d get married at 25, have a baby at 26-27, a great job and the white picket fence and all.  While dating, as we all do, I examined all those relationships, the long and short – what did I get out of it, was that person the one?  Did I just destroy my chance at the “Happily Ever After”?

Then I started dating this guy when I was 25.  I wasn’t even ready for a serious relationship, since I was just DONE with men at the time and was really enjoying my independence.  He ended up being “The One”.  Something just clicked.  I remember having conversations of what we each wanted for a partner and family;  we seemed to have the same aspirations and dreams.  We both wanted to wait a bit, like a year after we had gotten married then have children.   Well, 7 years into dating, we finally got engaged.  A year later, we married; a year and a half after that I was pregnant.


We had been together for 9 years before I was pregnant.  I was kinda freaking out because I just didn’t know what to expect, as most parents.  But let me tell you, life has changed – for the better!!!

Everything we do, revolves around the kids.  Even extended family, like grandparents, have come together to try and be at as many of the kids’ functions as possible, bringing the family closer together as a whole.  The rifts and other little spats that happens regularly, even in the most functional and dysfunctional of families – all a thing of the past as we quickly work through them to ” just spend time together”.  Really, it’s all about “Family”!

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This fall, Dreamworks will release Delivery Man starring Vince Vaughn as an underachiever looking for his purpose in life, a middle-age man who discovers he has fathered 533 children throughout the years through anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 20 years ago. When 142 of his offspring file a class-action lawsuit to reveal their Dad’s identity, he must decide whether he is going to come forward and be a real father.  Through this journey, he finally finds his purpose in life.

Isn’t that what our children are all about?  They are our purpose in life! Delivery Man opens in theatres everywhere on November 22nd.  Check out the official trailer here:


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