Connecting is Key

When I first had my son, and once everyone went back to their daily lives, I found myself home, feeling alone.  I truly enjoyed the fact I was able to relax and recover after my c-section, but I didn’t have anyone to talk to besides a nurse that would visit once a week since I had a preemie.

I remembered back to a time when one of my best friends had her first and told me she joined a “Mom’s Group”.  I figured it was time to give it a try and started searching the web.

I happened upon  There I found many “Mom’s Groups”.  I was surprised to find them all over Orange County and beyond.  There were specific groups like “Stroller Strides”, “New Moms of 2007”, and some for local cities.  I decided to start with one and see where it took me.

When it comes to meeting new people, I’m generally shy.  Putting myself out there really isn’t the norm, so when I signed up for my first “Meet Up”, I was really quite nervous.  A handful of girls were meeting at a Target at Westminster Mall.  “Awesome” I thought.  If I felt uncomfortable, I could just wander through the store and shop.  Well, that so wasn’t the case.  See, all of these moms are really in the same boat.  They too were nervous and afraid of being the outsider.  Let me tell you, 5 years later, some of these moms are still my  best pals.  It is so worth it to put yourself out there and take the chance.

Benefits of a “Mom’s Group”:
  • You’ll find moms with the same interests
  • You’ll find moms with the same issues and frustrations
  • You have questions?  These moms may have the same questions or even some advice
  • New in the area?  What a great way to meet new people and find fast friends!
  • Great way to find out about fun things to do and places to take your precious bundle.


There are “Mom’s Groups” everywhere, even though you may not know about them.  Check with the hospital you delivered,, or even your local community center.  There are even some with Facebook pages like Moms Club of Placentia North.
The Moms Club of Placentia North is putting together their 8th annual Kids Fair, complete with vendors like  from birthday entertainers, crafts, local preschools, gyms/kids athletics, and Chick-fil-A. Entertainment includes giveaways, bounce house and door prizes.  The event is totally free. It takes place February 16, 2013 from 9am-1pm at the Brea Community Center located at 695 Madison Ave, Brea.
Take the leap, meet new friends!  It will be good for you and your family!

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3 thoughts on “Connecting is Key”

  1. A mom’s group sounds like a great way to connect with other ladies. Ones that completely get it, and another way for your children to bond with others. =)

    Glad you guys have found such a fun group

  2. I loved our Mom’s Group! It took me forever to join because I thought it would cost a lot of money to attend but everything was completely optional. I’m so glad I let you talk me into it, Jenn. I’ve made some lasting friendships.


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