DVD Review: Happy Birthday Berenstain Bears!

Celebrating with Berenstain Bears!
For the summer, we plan on doing a lot of fun family things, indoors and outdoors.  Family movie night is one recurring event this year, so when we were asked to review the Golden Gift Set celebrating Berenstain Bears’ 50th Anniversary, we jumped on the opportunity!
Set in the rolling hills of Bear Country, this animated comedy stars a fun loving family of honey bears whose love, loyalty and humor allows them to overcome any obstacle that finds its way down their sunny dirt road.
A little on the history of Berenstain Bears from Mike and Jan Berenstain:

I remember catching a few episodes of the Berenstain Bears when I was younger.  Loved Sister Bear and her spirit, spunkiness, and love for fairy tales.  Brother Bear was more like my own brother with his love for sports.Now you can share Berenstain Bear stories with your youngsters with Limited Edition Golden Gift Sets that have been released in celebration of the Bears’ 50th Anniversary!


Available at Walmart and Sams Club, you can get these DVDs that instill timeless life lessons for youngsters.  The DVD will keep little ones entertained with over 10 episodes, a total run time of 120 minutes, and the adorable plush, just an added bonus.


Since receiving our gift sets, Brother Bear and Sister Bear have become a part of our nightly routine as the kids won’t go to sleep without them!  And the DVDs?  Each time we watch an episode, the kids are glued!!!  Great for a few minutes of peace and quiet – ha ha!

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