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My skincare regimen is pretty simple. I clean my face with whatever facial cleanser I have on hand, sometimes samples. At other times, it is with a product I picked up at the local drug store. However, as I get older, I’m realizing my skin needs more. While I’ve always had very oily skin, I’m now having dry patches and break outs. I know I need something designed specifically for my unique skin type. This past week I sampled Y’OUR Personalized Skincare, where they formulate the best custom regimen for your specific needs.

Y'OUR Personalized Skin Care Delivery

I was excited to be invited to sample Y’OUR Personal Skincare. Curious about how they determine what would be best for my combination skin, I decided to participate in their campaign.

Online Skin analysis:

To get started, I took an online quiz and find out what is best for my skin at y-ourskin.com. They use artificial intelligence to formulate a complete custom skincare regimen for every user.


Based on my results, I have combination skin with some dark spots, enlarged clogged pores, occasional breakouts, and first signs of aging. The goal of my new skincare regimen will be to correct acne-causing imbalances, brighten dark spots, even skin tone, unclog pores, reduce wrinkles, and address my oil production imbalance.


About a week and a half later, I received a cleanser, a day cream, a serum and a night cream. All came in white packaging with big numbers and an instruction card. Each bottle contains 3 months of product designed especially for my complexion.

Y'OUR Personalized Skin Care instructions
My Experience:

Once my package arrived, I decided to start my new routine right away. As stated in the instructions, I used a small “dime size” portion of the cleanser. While I didn’t remove my make up before hand, I quickly realized I needed to do this two times to ensure my skin was clean. TIP: remove make up first like it says on the card!

Next, I applied 4 drops of the serum. While I didn’t like the smell of the serum as much as I did the cleanser, I did use it, spreading it as much as I could on my entire face. The final step was to apply the night cream, which I did, and I included my neck area.

results of using YOUR personalized skincare products

The morning routine I haven’t been as consistent. This is where I need to remember I’m working with a specific product as I typically have one on the bathroom counter and a different one in the shower. That being said, I have utilized the Y’OUR cleanser in the morning, but I have missed a few days. Again, with each use, I’ve used a dime sized portion, followed by the day cream.

Like with all skincare regimens, consistency is key. I have noticed a change in my complexion, and it does seem more dry now. There are areas of my face where now, I feel I need to apply a little more moisturizing cream because there are spots of dryness.

All in all, I do like this product. I think I will need to find a balance to make my skin feel the best it can, meaning less dryness in certain areas. However the my oily T-zone is less oily – a success there!

If you’re interested in trying out Y’OUR Personalized Skincare, visit their website and take the online skincare analysis and find your recommended skincare regimen.

skin care for oily tzone

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