The Next Steps – Becoming a Substitute Teacher

Back in September, I shared with you that I began the process of becoming a Substitute Teacher. The first step was taking the CBest Exam. It was quite a nerve racking time as I was going through some testing on my memory/brain, while also studying for the California Basic Educational Stills Test (CBest). The best part – I PASSED! I’ve heard from so many people, “Oh, I passed it on the first try”! Those people were either still in college with academics still fresh in their minds. Then I had heard from others that they had to take it numerous times to pass. Thankfully, I was one and done!

OC Department of Ed

So what’s next? When you receive your results, the first thing to do is print out that valuable piece of paper that says you passed the CBest. Then, schedule yourself an appointment for fingerprinting and processing your credential.

Contact the Orange County Department of Education to schedule your fingerprinting and credential application appointment. It is conveniently located in Costa Mesa, so the office is easily accessible from anywhere in Southern California. You’ll need to be prepared. There are specific documentation that you’ll need to bring with you:

  • Results of your CBest Test
  • Drivers License
  • Check in the amount of $80
  • Certified Copy of College Transcripts

The process is quick. While at the Orange County Department of Education, they have you fill out a few forms and quickly do your fingerprinting with a special electronic fingerprinting machine. It took approximately a day to get my fingerprints processed as I received notification by mail the following Saturday (3 days later) that my prints were cleared. However, they do tell you the process can take up to 10 days.

Since I was applying for my 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit at the same time, I made sure I had a certified copy of my college transcripts on hand. (TIP: if you request and receive them by mail, DO NOT OPEN THE ENVELOPE – it voids the certification) The Orange County Department of Education automatically send your application to the State to get your credential processed. Once your application is submitted to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, an email requests you to complete the application online, fill out the application and submit payment of $102.50. The approval process also takes approximately 10 days.

Once you receive your the following paperwork, you are ready to apply to local school districts to become a Substitute Teacher.

  • 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit
  • Fingerprinting Clearance
  • TB Screening

Good Luck!

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