Childrens Eye Exams

The Importance Of Eye Exams At An Early Age

Through my son’s younger years, I just took for granted that his pediatrician would tell me if there was an issue with my son’s eyes. Little did I know that the typical vision screening wasn’t enough. Children should be seen by an ophthalmologist every year starting at 6 months old! Each year, at visits to the pediatricians office …

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Quality Child Care Impacts The Future And Giveaway | @readysetgrowla #QualityECE

Starting at about 6 months I enrolled my son in a “Mommy and Me” class at the Garden Grove School District.  My mother-in-law heard about the class, and gave me the information as she knew I was looking to start my son off with early learning.  I felt that socializing him early was the key …

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