Chili in Fairwind FWPC6L Pressure Cooker

Mild Ground Beef and Bean Chili in a Fairwind FWPC6L Pressure Cooker | #MadeByAwesome #Client

Finally, the weather is changing and it’s time to try out my new Fairwind FWPC6L Pressure Cooker. Did you receive one? I know LOTS of people who received them as gifts over the holidays. For my first run though, I decided to venture into the world of Chili, making a Mild Ground Beef and Bean Chili …

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NewAir AI-100ss Portable Ice Maker

Camping in Style with The NewAir AI-100ss Portable Ice Maker @NewAirUSA #MadeByAwesome

We’re planning a long family road trip this summer and decided that the AI-100SS Portable Ice Maker by NewAir was a necessity for our RV. Last year when we went on a summer road trip, if we wanted ice, we’d stop at fast food locations or convenience stores for a quick cup since our freezer is too …

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New Air AB-850 84 Can Beverage Cooler, Snack Cooler

Snack Time is Easier with The NewAir AB-850 84 Can Beverage Cooler | @NewAirUSA #MadeByAwesome

NewAir, AB-850 84 Can Beverage Cooler
Photo Credit: New Air

Have you ever had a day where you’re just trying to get that one thing done around the house, whether it is laundry, dishes, or another chore where you just need a few more minutes to finish? However, the task at hand seems impossible because the kids NEED a snack because they’re STARVING!? I’ve finally found a solution, and am in love with my NewAir AB-850 Beverage Cooler because it has made my life just a little bit easier.

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