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This New Year cleaning resolution tips post is brought to you by Mr. Clean as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post.

Part of my New Year’s routine is a cleaning spree.  Once the holidays are over, I’m talking, December 26th, the Christmas decorations come down and I start scrubbing.  For me, I have to start the New Year with a sparkling clean house.

Liquid Muscle Mr. Clean

This year, Mr. Clean is helping me get my house into tip top shape.  The new Liquid Muscle is has 2.5 tims the power in every drop of liquid.  All you need is a little squirt from their new “auto-stop” cap that dispenses the right amount during every use.

Mr. Clean

The best part, you can use Mr. Clean’s “Liquid Muscle” to clean any surface like stovetops, counters, tubs and toilets.  Even dilute it in water to clean tile floor. The triple action formula helps you clean and sanitize with ease.

Mr. Clean Cleaning Tools

I recall talking to a friend last year about my cleaning obsession.  She was asking me about a few of my idosyncasies of cleaning.

  • Make sure you have all your essential tools: gloves, old tooth brush, Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle”, scrubbing sponge, glass cleaner, paper towels and a cleansing scrub for those tough areas.
  • First, I start with the bath tub.  Since it is a jacuzzi tub, I pour cleaner into the bath and fill it with HOT water.  While running the jets for 15 minutes to get the pipes clean, I focus on the rest of the bath room.
  • Toilet is next, I like to pour my cleaner into the bowl, scrub and let it sit while I wipe around the basin, behind the toilet and the base boards.  With boys in the house, this area is a MUST because of bad aim.
  • At the sink, I make sure to use an old soft bristle tooth brush to clean around the faucet.  Those hard water spots around the fixtures can get really hard to clean if you don’t keep up with it.
  • Clear away the handprints off the mirror with glass cleaner and do a final wipe down of the counter with a paper towel.
  • With the paper towel, I also wipe down the soap dispensers, tooth brush holder and whatever is on the counters.  Also, wipe the handles of the toilet paper holder and towel bars.  Don’t forget the photos and fronts of the cabinets, they collect a lot of dust.
  • Finally, I finish with the floor.  I like to use the diluted water from the tub to clean the floor and baseboards.

 Liquid Muscle

My most important tip – gloves!  Unfortunately, I must admit, I forget to put on my gloves most of the time.  However, if you want to keep your freshly manicured nails a little longer, or not have to use gallons of lotion to re-moisturize your hands, be sure to use gloves to keep those cleaners off your delicate fingers!

MrClean_CMYKThis is a compensated post brought to you by Mr. Clean. Mr. Clean is kicking off the New Year with the launch of a new product called Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, a new multi-purpose, multi-surface concentrated cleaning gel that delivers superior cleaning performance on and off the floor. Be sure to like Mr. Clean on Facebook and follow @RealMrClean on Twitter.

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