Southern California McDonalds Self Order Kiosks

Big Changes at McDonalds Southern California | @McDonalds_SoCal

Southern California McDonald’s locations have taken on a new look. Over 80% of Orange County McDonald’s restaurants have recently undergone modernization, which included menu innovations, table service, sourcing and sustainability upgrades and a complete make over. The result, a modern look with an elevated guest experience. Many of these changes were pioneered right here in Southern California, …

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McDonald’s Supports National Family Literacy Day | @McDonalds_SoCal

When I was little, I just LOVED me some Happy Meals. I think to this day, my mom and I both love their hamburgers, even though we don’t partake as much.

McDonald's Golden Arches

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However for the kids, when we’re out and running around from Dance to Baseball and back, sometimes we have to sandwich dinner in the middle and McDonalds makes it convenient. Even better, in time for National Family Literacy Day on November 1, McDonald’s is inviting families across the Southland to celebrate the joy of reading with the launch of a new Happy Meal Books promotion. Perfect for us, since my monster has to read a book a day for homework!!! From Nov. 1 – Nov. 14, local McDonald’s restaurants will offer books in print for Happy Meal customers.

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Healthier Option: Egg White Delight McMuffin | @McDonalds_SoCal #FlipYourMorning #ad

Have you heard?  McDonalds has been adding some healthier options to their menu.  Last week I was invited to find out more about the new Egg White Delight McMuffin and tour the Buena Park location. I have to admit, I have always enjoyed McDonalds since I was a kid.  Even when I’m “under the weather”, …

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