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Lately I’ve been thinking about my kiddos and how quickly they’re growing up.  While I was pregnant, I promised my husband we’d do birthday parties for the 1st, 5th, 10th, and so on birthdays – you know, the “BIG” ones.  I thought it silly to do all the little birthdays because they wouldn’t really remember, right?

Ladybug Birthday Party

HOWEVER, it’s become a BIG thing for ME.  MOM is a HUGE planner!!!  Sorry hubby, the “BIG” birthdays turned into every birthday.  So, I’m gonna go back and start sharing some of the fun we’ve had up until now.

For my princess, her first birthday was all about pinks, girlie, and ladybugs….

The planning started off with searching and searching for a theme I wanted, however, not the typical RED lady bugs.  I wanted it pink, purple, you get the picture.  I found the paper goods, but most of the decorations I had to hand create – always fun!

Let’s start with the decorations.  This is our backyard before remodel:

Ladybug Birthday party Decorations

We had a really weird angled back yard so tables had to be set on the angle.  Pink and purple table cloths and streamers to match.  Center pieces were butterfly pots.  Hard to see in the picture, but I picked up clay pots from Michaels and painted them the colors of the party with black polka dots.  Added googly eyes and used foam sheets to make the wings and chenille sticks for the antennae.

 Watch Me Grow Ladybug Picture Wall, Ladybug Birthday
I created a “Watch Me Grow” Chart.  I printed large pictures of my baby girl’s face and placed them in flowers – one picture from each month.  It made a really cute garden in the entry way.

On the other wall, using my beloved “Cricut“, I cut out letters and squares to make a birthday banner for the other wall of the entry way.

Ladybug Birthday Sign

For food, since I got caught up in the decorations, we did simple appetizers from Costco and hired a taco guy.  Oh man, those tacos are just the best.  Easy because someone else comes, sets it all up and then cleans and packs it up for you.  All we needed to do was provide tables.

Again, keeping everything colorful and sticking with the ladybug theme.

Ladybug Birthday Party Appetizers

For the cake, since we were planning approximately 50 guests for the first party (yes, I was crazy enough to plan two – more on that in a minute).  I decided a cake from Costco was best (very affordable).  Then I picked up a smash cake from our local bakery, Amazing Cakes in Anaheim.

Ladybug Birthday Cake


Back to the fact we did 2 parties.  The first, a party for family, family friends.  The second, friends from my “Mom”s group. Since many of my “mommy friends” had two kids at this point, I figured if I invited all of them, that was at least another 50 people…therefore a division of celebrations!

And with “kiddie” parties, you need goody bags.  Those, again simple, pink bags from Party City and goodies gathered from Oriental Trading Company.  
Ladybug Favor Bags

Tags from the goody bags were created from the amazing “Cricut” also.

We certainly had a fun birthday party.  I know I really enjoyed planning, creating and inventing.  If you have any questions about what was created, please email me: [email protected]

Happy Party Planning!!!

Ladybug Birthday Girl

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