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Hosted: Have a child who has big ideas and loves to write? The Storymakery in Irvine, is the first self publishing experience designed specifically for children. Youngsters can let their imaginations run wild, creating characters, writing stories and publishing their own storybooks in either a paper or hard cover format. Turn your child into an author – illustrator and see them beam with pride when they read their story to you.

Storymakery Irvine

At Storymakery, children are invited to choose an adventure, personalize the story with choosing names and dedication, and turning their creativity into a magical book that will last a lifetime. I was invited to take my daughter and one of her friends in during their “Hardcover” launch party. Every so often, special events include creative story teller entertainment and refreshments, a great way to spend the afternoon. The girls were excited to get started and began the creative process.

How Storymakery works:

custom designed childrens book storymakery

Step 1: Design a character:

Storymakery has a variety of characters already in their database. If your child is like mine, they already have an idea when sitting at the computer of what type of character they would like to create. Some of the ideas include animals, monsters, mermaids, people and more. The characters can be personalized by customizing facial features, hair styles, clothing, and color options.

Step 2: Write your story:

The creative staff at Storymakery already have a few base stories they use as starters. Their staff walk their child authors through a series of questions to build their story and bring it to life.

Becoming an illustrator at Storymakery

Step 3: Add illustrations:

While the story artists are at work adding the details of your child’s customized story, the children are invited to go back to the computer to add additional characters to utilize in the illustrations. Once the story is finished, the children will then add page by page illustrations to go along with the setting and flow of the book.

Step 4: Print your storybook:

Once your character, story, supporting characters and illustrations are complete, your child will become a published author by printing their own story book in either a soft cover or hard cover format. Soft cover books can be taken home the same day, while hard cover books will be picked up at a later date.

Storymakery personalized books

The girls were super excited to see their books. Since we had ordered the hard cover editions, we had to wait at least a day before we could pick them up. Since I was going to be in the area a few days later, I arranged a pick up that was convenient for me. My daughter sat down in the closest chair and began reading her story, with such a proud look on her face. She was excited to see her creation come to life.

Now one thing to note, my daughter’s friend’s book was edited just a little book. The background to a few of her illustrations didn’t match the storyline, so they sweet girls at Storymakery changed it a little bit to make it flow. However, in speaking with the manager, you can publish your story any way you’d like. If you want to leave 100% of the creativity in your child’s hands, it is completely up to you.


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email us: [email protected]
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Thinking about hosting a group? Or even a birthday party? The Storymakery does that too! Storymakery parties can be arranged for age specific groups and writing levels. Also, you can add on pizza, printed invites, party favors and more.

The Young Author Writing Camp is a great way to let your child dive into the foundation of book development and publishing. At the writing camp, children will publish their own book series and extend their creativity, writing, self expression and cognitive thinking. Find out more today at

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